23 Cats In A Red Boat

…they wanted to be pirates, but kept falling asleep

The Doclopedia #1,397

The Over And The Under: Where Is The Real Power In The Under?

From Twim Pimmil, an Underling: I suspect you already know the answer to that, stranger, but I’ll tell you anyway. The real power in the Under is the Trade Council, made up of people selected for both their love of the Under and their ability to be very discreet.

You see, despite what most people think, we never stopped trading with the Over. It was decided 50 years ago that trade with them was creating more problems than benefits. People were competing too much and depleting too many resources. Too many people got greedy and that was upsetting our way of life. So we closed Upsy Station and moved out trading facility to just below the Death Zone up on Mount Bantool. We told everyone that the Overlings ended trade. After just a few years, everything got back to normal.

We continue to trade with the Overlings, but only once per year and only for things we really need. You may have noticed that milkflowers are blooming. They were nearly extinct for over a century, until we got seeds from the Over. The same is true for many other valuable plants and even a few small animals, like the chipsquirrel. In exchange, we send them some fruits and vegetables and meats, which I am sure nobody below the Zar or Var class ever knows about.

Recently, we have increased the length between trades to 18 months. The Overlings don’t really have much we want anymore, but we do get some gold, which is always useful.

From Parisa Renel Amillia, an Overling: A question easily answered, stranger. The real power in the Under lies with the old women. It is well known that they possess magical powers, although nowhere near their pre-Death Cloud levels. They weave spells upon their men, inflaming their lust for battle. They control the weak minded. Oh yes, stranger, that is where the real power in the Under lies.

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