Fabulous Goats Titillated My Ospreys

…I think they all had fun

The Doclopedia #1,399

The Over And The Under: What Is The Secret Of The Under?

From Frinita Quink, an Underling: Since I have your word that you will not repeat this to anyone, Underling or Overling, I’ll tell you. The Death Cloud has been harmless for at least 20 years, perhaps much longer.

It was 20 years ago that Elder Himo Roffer started up the Western Slope to end his life after the death of his wife and daughter in a flood. He walked up and up and soon came to the Death Line. Stepping across it, he found himself still alive. He thought that perhaps the line was misplaced, so he kept walking. Eventually, he reached the crest of the mountains at 4,000 feet and realized the truth.

His descent was long enough to let him think through the meaning of what he had discovered. If this news got out, the Overlings would come down with conquest on their minds. The other races, beyond the valley, would come in, bringing their problems. The Swamp People to the south might jopin them, even though the Death Cloud has never been a barrier to them.

Elder Himo decided that he would tell the Eldest Council what he had found and let them decide. We did and have kept the secret for 20 years now. Of course, it cannot be kept forever. Sooner or later some Loner will discover what Himo did. When that day comes, we have plans for dealing with the various problems it will bring.

Of course, as you have already found out, that does not include dealing with the Over, for which I am very glad.

From Var Obelinto Asmidu, an Overling: The secret of the Under? Well, we are sure that it is how the Elders are not telling the common folk about the coming collapse of the Death Cloud! Our best information says that it is probably no more than two years away. Then, my friend, we will wait until it clears completely before reestablishing ourselves as the rightful rulers of the Valley of Peace. Oh, what a great day that will be.

Other secrets? Oh please! Those savages could never have any useful secrets of their own.

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