I Have No Idea Where The Drunken Steer Came From

…honest, officer, no idea at all

The Doclopedia #1,402

Starships: Illurok Worldship

The Illurok race resemble tall, thin and very hairy humans. They are some of the galaxy’s greatest artists and philosophers. All of the Illurok race live on four worldships that are speeding away from their now deserted home system in GalSec 1054-B. Actually, speeding is not quite the word to use, since the ships are only moving at 1.5 times the speed of light. Additionally, each ship is going in a different direction. They are all now 1,500 light years from Illurok Prime.

When a great religious awakening caused the Illurok to leave their home system, they built four enormous cylindrical ships. Each ship is 2,000 miles long and 500 miles in diameter. Inside are dozens of island continents representing many climatic zones and ecosystems. Fully half of the land mass in each ship is uninhabited by the Illurok. The end of each ship is a polar region and the equatorial area in the middle is similar in climate to that of Earth. Light is provided by a long central strip that only glows on one side. The ship revolves around it. A day is 30 hours, 6 minutes and 14 seconds long.

The outer hulls of these ships are made of depleted uranium over a sheet of lead. Class 5 defensive shields can be activated, but never have been needed. There are no known weapons. Operation of the ships are handles by blue level free cybernetic life forms. The Illurok population inside each ship is around 20 million.

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