Moon Sandwiches And Chocolate Tea

…Yum Yum



The Doclopedia #1,403

Starships: Kr’Loq Transport

The hardworking Kr’Loq are a quasi-cephalapodian race from three small systems on the border of GalSecs 4509 and 4510. They are notable for two things: their ability to do very precise surgery without robotic assistance and their workhorse transport ships.

Standard Kr’Loq transports are used in over 500 sectors and have been known to last as long as 1,300 years. They are not pretty, being huge rectangular boxes 5 miles long by 2 miles on a side and having six J-3 drives on the rear, but they get the job done. The crew quarters are actually quite spacious compared to other transport ships and every ship is protected by Class 5 defensive shields.

The Kr’Loq build about 300 transports per year and there is a 40 year waiting list.

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