Not In This Issue: Poison Frogs,Weed Control Or Quilts

…there might be something about frog control

The Doclopedia #1,404

Starships: Prin Tradeship

A Prin tradeship looks very much like two small (5 mile long) worldships connected together and revolving around a central J-9 drive unit. One of the worldships is the home environment for the reptomammalian Prin. The other is a combination warehouse and shopping mall. Fully half of the Prin species (about 3 billion people) live and work on these ships, of which there are about 200,000) zipping from system to system in 26 sectors. Once every 5 years, the Prin all return to Prinworld for a year long celebration of their trade successes.

Although their tradeships are protected by Class 5 defensive shields and quantum cannons, each ship also has a complement of 15 EeeAoon fightercraft flown by EeeAoon mercenaries.

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