It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Has To Run From A Big Rolling Boulder

…I’n not naming names, Jones



The Doclopedia #1,405

Starships: Elarissian Miner

The Elarissians are a large, multilimbed humanoid race who specialize in mining on “difficult” planets. Their mining ships are enormous, up to 15 miles long and fully able to land on a planetary surface, even a rough one, due to their segmented nature. They all have J-4 propulsion. Crew quarters are spartan, in keeping with Elarissian culture.

Thanks to Class 12 defensive shields and the ability to seal parts of each ship to the surface, Elarissian mineships can mine on everything from iceworlds to extremely hot worlds to worlds with toxic athmospheres. The ships can mine and smelt metals, refine and store gases or whatever else is needed. They are found in 9 sectors where they are operated by Elarissians and 4 more sectors where they are contracted out to other races.


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