This Is A Tale About A Story

…about a legend


The Doclopedia #1,414

Capes & Cloaks: The Cloak Of Dracula

And now, class, we end this semester with perhaps the most famous cloak of all, the cloak of Dracula.

It doesn’t look like much, does it? Basic black, high collar, long enough to drag on the floor if one is under 6 feet tall. It is old, yes, at least 700 years old. Those stains? Dirt from the grave and blood. If you saw this cloak lying on the floor, you’d either think it a dog’s bed or wipe your shoes on it.

But for all that it looks like something that might be worn by a Kalamorese beggar, it contains dark magic indeed. Dark enough to control the mind of anyone who might wear it. Dark enough to send them off in search of Dracula’s remains. And quite dark enough to force them to revive him.

Since Count Dracula made his way to our world, or was sent here against his will, the story varies, he has been revived no less than 8 times in 700 years. At least four of those times were by people who came into contact with his cloak.

What, Mr. Glitterleaf? Oh, of course, destroy the cloak! Now why didn’t a single solitary person think of that over the last seven centuries, including your own great uncle, the Wizard Larinul? Oh, wait, they did!

Attempts have been made to burn, bathe in acid, rip to shreds, unravel and even banish the cloak. It has been dropped into lava, fed to various slimes, blasted with the most destructive of spells and exposed to prolonged dragonfire that caused poor old Zartamaxilon to nearly collapse.

If there is a way to destroy this cloak, it has not shown itself yet.

Fortunately, it can be very easily placed under great security and locked away. Even now, as we look at it in this glass case, it is protected by spellworkings that would reduce you to dust if you so much as tried to crack the glass. When it leaves here, it will be teleported at least 3 times until it is safely in it’s proper vault in an undisclosed location.

So there is is, the greatest piece in Count Dracula’s wardrobe. Now, before you leave for your no doubt debauchery filled vacation, a little something to remember. Should Count Dracula rise again, he can summon this cloak to him and there is no magic strong enough to stop it. When that happens, and I assure you it will happen someday, alarms will go off in every Wizard’s home. Great evil will walk our world again and we must all be ready to fight it!

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