R.I.P. Daisy Mae Cross (2011 – 2019)

…our geeky girl dog

Today, at 2:53 PM, our sweet Daisy died. She had most likely been ill for 3-4 months, but went into a swift decline over the past two weeks.

Daisy came into our lives just a few days after we lost Lucy to cancer. She had been dropped off at a chihuahua rescue and was about 2 years old when that rescue took her to the county shelter, where we adopted her.

Daisy was a very sweet girl with an excellent temperament. She loved humans and would visit all of them at the dog park. Everyone liked Daisy.

Daisy was an ubergeek, loving Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, kaiju movies, the MCU and roleplaying games. She was a dedicated con attendee (in a human looking android body) and cosplayer.

Daisy was actually preceded 10 minutes in death by her mate, Max Bunnington, as he had always sworn to do. Death in our family being a rather less final thing than most families, Daisy & Max are out there somewhere in new bodies starting new lives. However, they are gone for good from our lives.

Daisy leaves behind her parents, her sister, her brother, her sister in law, her niece & nephew, many aunties & uncles, and many more friends.

Goodbye, baby girl. We all miss you.

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