Gooby, The Musk Ox Who Thought She Was A Dog, Goes To The Fair

…where she ate 17 different deep fried foods

My Gaming Life Is Shifting Into A Higher Gear

So far this year, my gaming life, both boardgames and RPGs, has looked like this…

Run a D&D 5E game, play in a D&D 5E game, run a game or two at cons, run & play in games about once a month at Your Turn! events.

A nice, steady situation where I played something once or twice a week. Now let’s look at what lies ahead starting in September.

Every other Saturday: I run D&D 5E
Every other Sunday: I play D&D5E
Every other Monday: I run boardgames at Game Kastle
Every other Tuesday: I run RPGs that are NOT D&D 5E at Game Kastle
Once a month: Games at a Your Turn! event.

So, gaming twice, maybe three times, a week, every week. Still not up to the amount of gaming I did in the 80’s, but close.

Now, this holds true until late November, when I can add in running a couple of games at the local fall game con. December will no doubt see a few games less due to the holidays.

Then we get to January. Now, the D&D games and the Game Kastle games will stay the same, but at Your Turn!, we’d like to ramp up to at least two events a month. On top of that, I plan on hitting up as many as 5 NorCal/Nevada gaming cons in 2020, which would be a new record for me.

Of course, the Your Turn! ramp up totally depends upon getting more dedicated volunteers to show up, which is a big problem, but we hope to lure in a few at various events. And as always, my exact con attendance depends upon money being available and our dear old car not dying.

So it looks like I’ll be doing a bunch of gaming in the next year. I’m not complaining, but damn, I’m going to really have to stay on my toes to keep up.

NOTE: Should any of you reading this think you might like to join us at Your Turn! Community Game Events, just pop on over to: and fill out the Volunteer form.

Sponge Bath In A Tea Cup

…harder than it looks



Ten Old (pre-1985) RPGs That Everyone Should Play At Least Once And Why

1: Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (The Holmes edition)
Play it because it is the edition that got roleplaying really started and it is stiff fun.

2: Runequest (Second edition, 1980)
Play it because it is very different from D&D and you can see the early days of Glorantha, perhaps the greatest RPG setting ever.

3: Tunnels & Trolls (Any of the first 5 editions)
Play it because it was the second RPG ever published and it takes a much more lighthearted tone that D&D

4: Traveller (First edition, AKA Classic Traveller)
Play it because it was one of the first great science fiction RPGs and you can see if your character dies during the character creation process.

5: Champions (3rd edition, 1984)
Play it because it was the best and most complex superhero game of it’s time and lets you build exactly the character you envisioned.

6: Call of Cthulhu (Second edition)
Play it because it was and still is the best damned horror RPG out there.

7: Toon (First edition, 1984)
Play it because you get to be a cartoon character that cannot die and it is hilariously funny.

8: Gamma World (First or Second edition)
Play it Because it was one of the very first post holocaust games and it is nutty fun to play a mutant.

9: Paranoia (First edition)
Play it because it is set in a totally wacky dystopia run by an insane computer where everyone is paranoid and you can bet your ass you’ll get killed several times.

10: The Fantasy Trip (Melee, Wizard and In The Labyrinth)
Play it to experience a fun and simple mix of RPG and minis combat that later evolved into the much greater GURPS system



Fish Stories

…but not about fish

A Sort Of A Teaser To Fill Space

One of the writing projects I’ve had on a back burner is called “Ten Short Stories About Death”. My main requirement and self imposed rules are…

1: Each story has to be short, preferably no more that 1,500 words
2: Each story has to be very different from the rest
3: When completed, all of the stories, read in order, will tell one extra story.
4: At least one character in each story has to die.

The titles I have, some of which are for stories already finished, are…

“The Final Battle Of Sergeant Freedom And Mechanico”
“Dave Olinski Kills His Boss”
“The Great Video Showdown And How Girls Rule”
“The Last Day Of Lulu & Flash”
“TJ-400 Has A Thought”
“Why War Is Bad”
“One Final Fuck You”
“The Last Civilized Woman On Earth”
“Toby Basset Says Goodbye”
“Return Of The Masters”

Once I get all the stories written, I figure I’ll post them one at a time on my Patreon, then later bundle them all up for sale.

And then after that, I’ll move on to “Seven Short Stories About Food”. :)

The Girl With Green Nipples Spends A Week In The Woods

…naked, for the most part

Doc Update

As I have mentioned a time or two before, I’m on the board of directors of Your Turn! Community Game Events. We are a non-profit dedicated to hosting free inclusive and fun events where people of all ages can learn and play board, card, dice and roleplaying games.

So far in 2019, we have hosted several game days at local Sacramento area libraries and a few events at festivals and the like. The word is slowly getting out about us, which is good, because as you’ll see below, we are ramping up to do a lot more in 2020.

For starters, as of September 2nd, which is Labor Day, we will be doing Board Game Night every other Monday at the Game Kastle here in Sacramento. We will have a couple of dozen games with us and and will be ready to teach and play any of them. It will run from 6 pm until 9 pm and, as always, will be free of charge.

On the alternate weeks, on Tuesdays, we’ll be running RPG Night. This will be the same hours, but there will only be 1 or 2 games set up and they’ll be different each week. Also, we will not be running D&D 5th Edition or Pathfinder. There are many places to learn and play those games, so we will be focusing on older or less well known games. Some of the games we have planned are Toon, Mutants & Masterminds, Over The Edge, Call of Cthulhu, Dungeon Fantasy, Dread, Paranoia, Heroquest and Hillfolk.

In 2020, we plan on putting in appearances at some of the Northern California game conventions and possibly RageCon in Reno. So far, we know that we will be at DunDraCon in February.

We are also looking to increase our library game days as well as having a presence at some of the local festivals. Dates and places to be announced.

So, as you can see, the gaming scene in Sacramento is about to get a shot in the arm. We are looking forward to getting out there, meeting new people and teaching them some games.

My Life Among The Dice Rolling Geeks

…oooh, pretty dice

I just wanted to let y’all know that I am working on all sorts of writing projects, including new Doclopedia entries and exclusive stuff for my Patreon backers.

I also plan on having some Reader Participation stuff on here in the coming weeks and months. You’ll find out about it on my Facebook page.

That’s it. Short post, I know, but I’m trying to get back into a daily posting mode.

Module R-9:The Iron Castle Of The Vampire Queen

…for characters of level 9 or higher


CritterCon 12


Trip Day Eleven: In Which We Finally Return To Hogar Dulce Hogar


Well, folks, we got home around 11:45. mostly thanks to an airspeed of 225 mph. It’s good to be home.

The kids have invited over about 40 of their school chums are giving them a detailed and perhaps embellished recap of the whole trip.

Luke is in a conference call with his agent and some other folks regarding future projects.

Misty is taking a nap, as is Grace.

Sasha is in her lab, reviewing everything that’s gone on these past 11 days.

All in all, it was another fun trip and great convention. I was told that next year, it being the 13th CritterCon, the con will have a “Halloween In August” theme. Sounds hella fun.

So, that’s it for this year’s report.


When we were about 15 minutes from home, I got called into a family meeting. It went like this.

Grace: Sit down, honey. Okay, we all have something to tell you and we want you to take it without any attitude.

Misty: Polite acceptance, Doctor!

Sasha: And without any comment, Daddy!

Luke: Umm, yeah, what they said.

Grace: So, we want to say that this year’s trip to the con was a definite change of pace and we did enjoy it. But, well, it was a little boring.

Misty: Even with the various adventures, it was…lacking.

Sasha: What we’re saying is that next year you can plan the whole fucking route and, Daddy, if you say a word right now I’ll freeze you in carbonite.

Luke: Here’s the 20 bucks I owe you, Dad. I really didn’t think they’d come out and admit it.

Sasha: He’s gonna spend all year looking up every fucking goofball stop in North America.

And that’s why I’m smiling big Gentle Readers.

See y’all next year!

Destination Sign When We Started: All The Way
Destination Sign When We Stopped: Inner Sanctum

QM Radio Station: The Beatles On 6 Earths

Critter Con 12 is over,
but we will all be back next year for…

Critter Con 13

(With added teenage NHT and many interesting stops)