Module R-9:The Iron Castle Of The Vampire Queen

…for characters of level 9 or higher


CritterCon 12


Trip Day Eleven: In Which We Finally Return To Hogar Dulce Hogar


Well, folks, we got home around 11:45. mostly thanks to an airspeed of 225 mph. It’s good to be home.

The kids have invited over about 40 of their school chums are giving them a detailed and perhaps embellished recap of the whole trip.

Luke is in a conference call with his agent and some other folks regarding future projects.

Misty is taking a nap, as is Grace.

Sasha is in her lab, reviewing everything that’s gone on these past 11 days.

All in all, it was another fun trip and great convention. I was told that next year, it being the 13th CritterCon, the con will have a “Halloween In August” theme. Sounds hella fun.

So, that’s it for this year’s report.


When we were about 15 minutes from home, I got called into a family meeting. It went like this.

Grace: Sit down, honey. Okay, we all have something to tell you and we want you to take it without any attitude.

Misty: Polite acceptance, Doctor!

Sasha: And without any comment, Daddy!

Luke: Umm, yeah, what they said.

Grace: So, we want to say that this year’s trip to the con was a definite change of pace and we did enjoy it. But, well, it was a little boring.

Misty: Even with the various adventures, it was…lacking.

Sasha: What we’re saying is that next year you can plan the whole fucking route and, Daddy, if you say a word right now I’ll freeze you in carbonite.

Luke: Here’s the 20 bucks I owe you, Dad. I really didn’t think they’d come out and admit it.

Sasha: He’s gonna spend all year looking up every fucking goofball stop in North America.

And that’s why I’m smiling big Gentle Readers.

See y’all next year!

Destination Sign When We Started: All The Way
Destination Sign When We Stopped: Inner Sanctum

QM Radio Station: The Beatles On 6 Earths

Critter Con 12 is over,
but we will all be back next year for…

Critter Con 13

(With added teenage NHT and many interesting stops)


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