It’s All Fun And Games Until The Spanky Lady Appears

…actually, even then…

The Doclopedia #1,586

Assorted Trees Of The Magewood: Cypress

The Magewood is a purposefully enchanted woodland of approximately 20,000 acres. At it’s center is Magewood Village. Part of the enchantment of Mage wood lies in the very trees themselves. Here is one of them.

On the extreme eastern edge of the Magewood, along the Kloo River, grows an enormous cypress. 100 feet tall and 80 feet across, it has stood here for well over 2,000 years. It is home to hundreds of crows.

When trespassers approach, they are met with a storm of angry crows. They are also met with a very strong wind that carryies sticks and small stones in it. Between these two attacks, they are always driven off, usually wounded and bleeding.

The stretch of the Kloo that runs near the cypress is called Cypress Bend. No boatman ever stops there, but they all toss an offering of food onto the shore for the crows.



The Doclopedia #1,587

Interesting Attractions In Ekarris: The Temple Of Peace

The great city of Ekarris is both the Capital of the kingdom of Valduria and the Capital of the Five Kingdoms. It is home to nearly 300,000 people. It is also home to many interesting, historical and unusual places.

The Temple of Peace was built in the year 1210 as a monument to the end of decades of troubles between High Elves, Wood Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Halflings. The entire Temple rises 100 feet and is topped by the Five Stars, which glow in light blue and circle the Temple 24/7.

Inside the Temple, one can see lifelike statues of all the kings and queen who worked so hard to broker the peace accords and create the Great Union. Many documents are also preserved here, including the speeches given by the signers.

The Temple is open at all times, with guards and guides ready to serve visitors. Admission is always free.

The Temple of Peace is located at #5 Grand Avenue.


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