Doctor Silkmelon And Mr. Porkwaffle Arrive In The Serengeti

…where the good doctor plans on collecting samples

The Doclopedia #1,590

Interesting Attractions In Ekarris: Old Podo’s Tavern

Not every attraction in Ekarris is big and grand. Some are just interesting and, in many cases, steeped in history. Old Podo’s Tavern is one such place.

There are thousands of taverns scattered across the Five Kingdoms and a good many of them are owned and operated by halflings, but Old Podo’s was the very first tavern in all the Five Kingdoms.

Built in 803, when Valduria was not even a dream and humans & halflings had been living on the eastern shore of Serenity Bay for only 3 years, Old Podo’s recently celebrated it’s 800th anniversary. Every king and queen since 803 has come here on their coronation day, drank a pint and carved their name into the bar. A great many rulers of other lands have done the same.

Still owned and operated by the Dabbins family, the tavern is a homey sort of place, well lit and with very comfortable furnishings. The selection of food and drink is excellent.

Besides the many paintings, antiques and written histories you’ll find everywhere in the tavern, the bartenders can relate hundreds of stories about events great and small.

Old Podo’s Tavern is on Old Main Road, on the East End of the City. It opens at the 7th hour and closes at the 24th hour, seven days a week, all year ’round.


The Doclopedia #1,591

Interesting Attractions In Ekarris: The Purple Unicorn

If ever there was an exact opposite of Old Podo’s Tavern, the Purple Unicorn is such a place. Opened 50 years ago by Lord Travis Redbeard and his fellow members of the Golden Sword Adventuring Team, it is part music hall, part tavern, part casino, part inn and part brothel. It truly has to be seen to be believed.

A massive three story building located at the meeting of the South and West Ends, The Purple Unicorn is actually quite sedate looking from the outside. It is also magically silenced, so that the interior noise never bothers the neighbors. On the roof, you can find a beautiful garden and the modest homes of the surviving Golden Sword Team.

Inside, this very popular establishment never closes, although there are some slow and quiet hours each day. The staff numbers in the dozens during peak hours, and that does not include the musicians or prostitutes.

All manner of gambling is available, from simple dice games to games of skill to boxing/wrestling matches to the ever popular Yurn Races. Honesty and fairness are guaranteed.

The aforementioned prostitutes come in many races, species and sexes. Rates are reasonable and cleanliness is assured. Specialty rooms are available at an extra cost.

The food and drink available at the Purple Unicorn are diverse and excellent.

The Purple Unicorn is always open and is located at #20 Sunshine Way.



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