A Moist Mystery

…a moistury?


The Doclopedia #1,596

Interesting Attractions In Ekarris: Mogog’s Information

Mogog, the Red Troll sage, is well over 700 years old. He has been buying and selling information in Ekarris for the last 600 years. A steady stream of customers flow through his door at all hours.

Mogog’s Information is located in a very large stone house at #107 Canal Street in the South end. Tourists are free to come inside and look at Mogog’s collection of, well, stuff, but it will cost them some bit of information, possibly private.

Mogog’s Information is always open.



The Doclopedia #1,597

Interesting Attractions In Ekarris: The Rainbow Gate

The famous Rainbow Gate is a multicolored portal too and from many worlds. It first appeared in Ekarris in 1130, it moves around the city slowly, stopping in a new place for anywhere from 2 months to a full year. It measures 12 feet across and is always spherical.

Tourists should note that only those who truly want to go to a whole different world can access the gate. Those who go into it almost never return, and when they do, they are different, sometimes insane. Still, every year, an average of 30 people do make it through the gate, sometimes in groups as large as 7.

As of this writing, the Rainbow Gate has been on the roof of the Royal Library, West End Branch, for 3 months.

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