By The Time We Got To Plan E, We Just Said To Hell With It.

…probably should have stopped at C

The Doclopedia #1,702

Tiny Folk Of Note: Hiroshi Yukan’na


His last name means “The Brave”, and he certainly is. To the Tiny Folk living in Kirishima Kinkowan National Park, in Japan, he is the Great Protector, well known for saving lives, fighting off predators and outwitting humans. His prowess with a large array of weapons is legendary.

When he is not patrolling and protecting his home village, Hiroshi is with his wife and two children, on their mouse ranch. It should be noted that his wife, Ayumi, is a very capable swordswoman and has fought by his side more than once.




The Doclopedia #1,703

Tiny Folk Of Note: Mr. Kamedi


Somewhere in Eastern Africa, there are several large Tiny Folk villages that form a union. This union is presuded over by the mysterious Mr. Kamedi. Though he is seldom seen by the people, he is most impressive when he does put in an appearance.

Mr. Kamedi stands a towering 7.25 inches tall and probably weighs nearly a pound. Although he is portly, he also looks very muscular. He typically wears brightly colored robes and a large floppy hat. His voice is gentle and soothing, even when giving a speech.

Mr. Kamedi’s home, and the seat of Union government, is underground beneath the roots of a tree.

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