The Rare And Beautiful Long Finned Snotfish Of Potawango Island

…don’t get any snot on you

The Doclopedia #1,704

Tiny Folk Of Note: Talinda Tunneler


First off, Talinda does not dig tunnels. She is, however, the greatest tunnel guide in the London Metropolitan area. If you need to get from Point A to Point B, or anywhere else, Talinda is the woman to see.

Working out of the Tiny Folk village of Alf’s Basement (a large basement that was sealed off and forgotten in 1760), Talinda guides people through the thousands of miles of pipes and tunnels, some brand new, some a thousand years old, that run beneath Greater London. Blessed with both an excellent memory and a maps compiled by her ancestors, the “Tunnel Lady” knows her way around.

Traveling through the great maze of underground passageways can involve walking, boats, mouse drawn carts, battery operated “tunnel cars” and even hitching a ride on the Underground. Prices are set based upon distance and time. Long trips out to distant suburbs may be quite expensive and take a few days.

Talinda is tall for a Tiny Folk woman, standing just over 6.25 inches. She has black hair worn short and green eyes. She seldom travels alone, preferring the company of her friend Belata Finder.

Please be aware that if Talinda and Belata are off exploring new tunnels, your trip may be lead by one of Talinda’s assistants.


The Doclopedia #1,705

Tiny Folk Of Note: Nugget The Wanderer


A native of Auburn, California, Nugget Goldfinder is very seldom in that town, or even within 50 miles of it. The wanderlust took hold of Nugget when he was a small lad and it shows no sign of going away.
Nugget, along with his best friends Poma Seeker and Stanzy Writer have traveled through the foothills and high mountains of the Sierra Nevada Range for the last 45 years. They have gone as far south as the Yosemite Valley and as far north as Mount Shasta. Their mode of travel is extremely rare for Tiny Folk, since they ride cats. Despite cats often being predators of Tiny Folk, these cats love Nugget, Poma and Stanzy.

In recent years, Nugget has thought about leaving the eastern side of California and heading to the Coast Range. He sort of has a hankering to see the ocean and the redwoods.


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