Doc Tempest VS The New World Crime League

…from the March 1960 issue


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The Doclopedia #1,864

Three Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Professor Grenvale


Professor Fred Grenvale is a Professor of Biology at Big State University. He is also a well known explorer and collector of new and undiscovered species, both plant and animal. He has traveled all over the world.

He is a 40 year old white male and is in considerably better shape than most professors 10 years his junior. He has thinning blonde hair and blue eyes. He tends to dress in a more casual style than the university would like.

Fred was married once, in his early 20s, but his globe hopping explorations did not sit well with his social climbing bride, so he was divorced by his 27th birthday.

Recently, Fred has been considering an expedition to an unexplored area of the Congo, where rumors of strange large beasts are common. He is being spurred on in these thoughts by his star student…




The Doclopedia #1,865

Three Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Audrey Books


Audrey is a bit of a rebellious young woman in 1922. She wears men’s clothes, steadfastly remains unmarried and is a champion for women’s rights. She is also, above all, a lover of science.

Audrey is a somewhat formidable woman, standing 5’10” tall and having an athletic build. Raised on a cattle ranch in North Dakota, she is a crack shot, an expert horsewoman and, thanks to three brothers, a real brawler in a fight. Her hair is red and her eyes are brown.

When Audrey found out that Professor Grenvale was thinking of mounting another expedition, she wanted in on it. She is fascinated by the thought of discovering some new large species.

Audrey admires and respects Professor Grenvale. In light of this, she has found a financial backer for the expedition. His name is…




The Doclopedia #1,866

Three Characters In Search Of An Adventure: Nat Ingram


Nathaniel Osbourne Ingram comes from an old money family out of Philadelphia. Fact is, they own a pretty good chunk of the city. His family has high expectations for Nat, once he “gets those ideas about gallivanting all over the world” out of his system.

Nat is a totally average looking fellow. 5’8”, 150 pounds, brown hair and eyes. He could be a bank manager, a butcher or just a guy on the street, except he’s much better educated and cultured than most gents.

When he met Audrey, Nat was recently back from an expedition to Costa Rica with a couple of archeologist. He was almost immediately smitten with Audrey and was excited to hear of Professor Grenvale’s expedition idea. He has since told Audrey that he will bankroll the whole thing.

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