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The Doclopedia #1,874

Random Character Creation (Super Hero): What Is Your Secret Identity?


1: Geoff Gordon, math teacher

2: Sylvia Peterson, reporter

3: Umi Tanaka, artist

4: Rudolfo Herdez, lawyer

5: Ed Weinburg, used car salesman
6: Carol, Pznofski, housewife & mother

7: Jenny M’Botho, chef

8: Lou Roberts, tv news anchor

9: Larry Spinnelli, truck driver

10: Maggie Birdwoman, convenience store owner

11: Ka’Nita Prince, dentist

12: Andy Polk, farmer

13: Ben Torres, mechanic

14: Patsy Mullins, high school junior

15: Tim Schneider, construction worker

16: Beth Edmunds, scientist

17: Trevor Chin, writer

18: Mitch Smith, police officer

19: Francine Gilbert, office manager

20: Pat Treadway, college student




The Doclopedia #1,877

Random Character Creation (Super Hero): How Did You Gain Your Powers?


1: Exposure to radiation

2: Bitten by a radioactive animal (your choice

3: Just born with powers

4: Ate a strange fruit

5: Exposure to magic

6: Taught by Tibetan mystics

7: Blessed/Cursed by the gods

8: Struck by lightning

9: Exposure to a mutagen

10: I have a magic item

11: Exposure to nanotechnology

12: I’m an alien

13: Exposure to alien spores

14: Triggered by great mental trauma

15: Fell into toxic waste pool, then hit by lightning from a UFO

16: Drank a strange potion

17: Forbidden ritual

18: Exposure to cosmic rays

19: Had hot sex with a superperson

20: I’ll be damned if I know

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