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The Doclopedia #1,926

The Alphabet #8: R Is For…


Red Fog, a very nasty thing to encounter on Earth 88-G. Composed of hundreds of millions of bloodsucking tickwasps half the size of a grain of rice, they can drain an average sized human of blood in under 90 seconds.

Red Fog occurs primarily in Europe and North America. Tickwasps do not survive long in hot arid regions or in hot humid regions. They have few predators, the main one being the Black Widemouth Day Bat. One of them can swallow up 2,000 tickwasps in a single pass. The Red Fog will not drink their blood due to a naturally occurring toxin.




The Doclopedia #1,927

The Alphabet #8: Q Is For…


Queerzini The Magnificent, a very popular gay illusionist and escape artist on Earth 2-O. He has done several television specials and regularly appears in Las Vegas. His shows are outrageous, bawdy and totally fabulous. He and is assistants sing, dance and tell jokes, all while performing great stage magic.

Aside from all the flamboyance of his show, Queerzini (real name: Dennis Leoni) is consistently rated one of the top 5 illusionists of all time. He has written 11 books on magic and magicians and regularly advises movie productions.

When not on the road, he lives in San Diego with his husband and three daughters.

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