Hobbits! We’re All Becoming Hobbits!

…without Second Breakfast


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The Doclopedia #1,930

The Alphabet #8: N Is For…
…Newt People
, a race of humanoid amphibians on Earth 925-J. They stand about 4 feet tall and look pretty much like newts that have been rendered anthropomorphic by magic, which is exactly what happened 500 years ago.

The Newt People are a gentle race that dislike violence and shun warfare and magic. The live at an Iron Age level and like it that way.

The main homeland of the Newt People is Girran Bog, although several hundred also live in the Wetlands of Tando.




The Doclopedia #1,931

The Alphabet #8: M Is For…
Mira Lim, was also known as the Crime Queen on Earth 2-W. She was a master criminal, having learned the craft from her grandmother, mother and aunts. Born in San Francisco to Chinese citizens, Mira returned to Hong Kong at the age of 16, By her 20th birthday, she was second in command of the most feared all female gang in the city. By 25, she controlled the gang and was busy murdering her rivals. When she turned 30, she controlled all crime in the city and a good bit of it on the mainland.

Mira died from cancer at the age of 80. The next day, Hong Kong erupted in a gang war that still rages 20 years later.

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