My Life Among The Flowering Plants

…and insects, lots of insects

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The Doclopedia #1,934

The Alphabet #8: J Is For…

Jethro Troll, a very famous and popular rock & roll group on PotterEarth 5. It consists of a bass player, drummer, two guitarists, keyboard player and a flute player who habitually stands on one leg while playing.

The group is known for such hot selling and critically acclaimed albums as “Aquatongue”, “Thick As A Spellbook” and “Too Old To Rock & Roll, Too Young To Become A Lich”.

No member of the group is a troll.




The Doclopedia #1,935

The Alphabet #8: I Is For…


Ignatz Kwazimi, a Mad Scientist from Africa on Earth 227-P. Very little is known about his age or appearance, since he insists on wearing a mask and robes when making his regular demands via television, radio and the internet.

Doctor Kwazimi, as he insists on being called, is a prolific and probably nutty, issuer of demands. He usually asks for a billion or two dollars, lest he unleash his latest creation on the world. So far, he has made maybe 2 million dollars, mostly from folks on Patreon who want to see what crazy shit he invents next.

So far, he has unleashed Chocolate Warriors (melted in 20 minutes), Giant Spiders (crushed by their own weight), Giant Ants (same), Giant Hamsters (same), Death Gas (made most people sneeze a few times), Insanity Bomb (cured 92 people of a cat phobia) and a Giant Iron War Centipede (got rained on in the first hour and rusted solid).

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