I Was A Cornfield Scarecrow For The FBI

…so fuck you, crows!


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The Doclopedia #2,063

Ask Me About My…: Favorite Chronological Anomaly

Since we are talking about an anomaly in historical chronology, not a spacio-temporal anomaly, my favorite is probably is the one on Earth 2-D where radio was discovered in 1875 instead of 1886 and Marconi building the first transmitters and recievers at age 15 in 1889 instead of 1895 at age 21.

AM Radio broadcasting started in 1900, not 1920, and it changed the world in more ways than it did here. Broadcasts from the frontlines of WWI, along with radio communication between the troops and command, made the war deadlier but also shortened it. Radio broadcasts also caused Theodore Roosevelt to not only become more popular and get more done, it got him another term as president, from 1909 to 1913.

Every discovery and invention based off radio got a 5 to 10 year advance. As a result, Earth 2-D has a somewhat different timeline from us.



The Doclopedia #2,064

Ask Me About My…: Mutated Spleen

Back in 2014, I got exposed to some powerful mutagenic chemicals in Sasha’s laboratory, then got hit with Q radiation. Within minutes, my spleen began to show signs of mutation, so I jumped into a Med Unit and had it removed. It continued to live and mutate, eventually looking something like a cross between a skinless pig with tentacles and a platter of raw liver. We decided to call it Porky.

Porky is still around, six years later. He’s about as intelligent as a regular dog. Most of the time, you can find him in the greenhouse, where he keeps the mouse population down by eating them.

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I write things that I think people might enjoy reading, especially if they are roleplayers or just strange.

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