The Juney Tuney Moony Looney Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And How She Stopped A Bank Robbery

…co-starring her pet newt, Griselda


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The Doclopedia #2,067

Ask Me About My…: Purple Time Pants

They were invented on Earth 207-G by some wackjob. Yes, they are purple, and yes, they will transport you back in time. 38 minutes back in time, assuming that don’t electrocute you or burst into flames.

Really, I just bought then to add to our collection of time travel devices. The Amazing Time Travel Top Hat is a lot more stylish and won’t fry your private parts.



The Doclopedia #2,068

Ask Me About My…: Alien Abduction

First of all, I’ve never actually been abducted by aliens. Nobody has. Aliens who visit our planet, and there are very few due to Galactic Edict #4,999,734, almost always go to meet with the NHT. Really, we humans are primitive savages. Well, YOU humans are. My wife and I and a couple of others are rated somewhat higher.

The closest I’ve ever come to being abducted was when my old friend Flermips invited me to go see some Azkomor dringg racing on the spur of the moment. Aside from that, nothing abduction-like going on.

Author: Doc Cross

I write things that I think people might enjoy reading, especially if they are roleplayers or just strange.

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