Not In This Issue: Marsupials, Chocolate Cake and Cucumbers

…the cucumbers are in the garden


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The Doclopedia #2,069

Rocking The Steampunk: HMS Iron Butterfly

The HMS Iron Butterfly is the flagship of the Imperial British Air Fleet. It measures 300 meters long and has a crew of 120. It flies at a cruising speed of 85 miles per hour, but can reach 100 mph if the need arises. The ship is armed with an assortment of bombs, the latest steam cannons, an American designed lightning gun and machine guns. The Iron Butterfly is capable of staying aloft for up to 3 weeks when fully stocked with food and water.

Thanks to Professor Bindle-Thorne’s new process, the Iron Buttefly is filled not with explosive hydrogen, but with safe helium. It is also powered by Mr. MacAdam’s revolutionary electric motors, which the Empire hope to use in other aircraft.



The Doclopedia #2,070

Rocking The Steampunk: Purple Haze Gas

On September 9th, 1882, the noted criminal mastermind, Dr. Miguelito Lovelock, released his “purple haze gas” upon the unsuspecting populace of Denver, Colorado. This was done to facilitate his robbing of the Denver Gold Repository. Although he was caught mere hours later via the heroic efforts of Doctor Andrew Tempest, the damage he did to the populce of the city will linger for years.

The gas caused those affected to enter a state of mind which made thembehave drunkenly and without inhibitions. Everything seemed wonderful and there was no thought of the social proprieties. It is not proper for this reporter to mention the things he saw people doing, but rest assured it covered the gamut of human behavior.

Author: Doc Cross

I write things that I think people might enjoy reading, especially if they are roleplayers or just strange.

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