Bucky & Squint Dig A Hole To China

…actually, they only got 40 feet down

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The Doclopedia #2,073

Rocking The Steampunk: Mr. Roboto

In June of 1898, the mad genius Dr. Okamatsu released his giant steam powered robot upon Japan.

Known as “Mr. Roboto”, it first appeared outside Osaka, destroying everything in it’s path. 80 feet tall and armed with a wide variety of weapons, nothing could stand in it’s way. Painted to have the smiling face of a Kabuki actor, Mr. Roboto terrified everyone who saw it.

For two weeks, it made it’s way toward Tokyo, until in early July it was finally stopped by a team of daring heroes known as the Five Ghosts. After they defeated it, they disappeared until two years later when they returned to battle the Sea Dragon.

When Mr. Roboto was being dismantled, the body of Dr. Okamatsu was found inside it, in a small control room.



The Doclopedia #2,074

Rocking The Steampunk: Feel Good Inc.

Using the guise of a health resort and spa, this organization actually used drugs administered during sexual activity to mind control powerful and influential Americans, particularly those from the large East Coast cities.

Operating out of an estate on Long Island, Feel Good Inc. was a project of the Wicked Sisters, the all female gang of criminal masterminds headed by Andromeda Andropuolis. Men and women who went to the spa would be seduced by the good looking young staff, at which point an oil containing rare plant extracts would be rubbed on them. This would put the victim in a state of mind that made them highly suggestable. In this way, they were made to do everything from give away large amounts of money to revealing business or governmental secrets.

Fortunately, the plot was eventually exposed by Sherlock Holmes, although the Wicked Sisters thenselves got away.

Author: Doc Cross

I write things that I think people might enjoy reading, especially if they are roleplayers or just strange.

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