Grandpa And Brownie’s Big Adventure

…hopefully, a long one


The Doclopedia #1,421

Don’t Touch That!: Hat

Back off there, junior, while ya still gotta chance. That hat belongs to Big Jimmy Farren and it’s gonna stay right where he left it until he gets outta Joliet. Same goes for that fine lookin’ coat of his. Jimmy told us to leave his stuff where he put it and that’s how it’s gonna be.

Yeah, I know they sent him down for 25 years, but I also know Jimmy. He’s been in 3 years and probably has most of an escape plan done by now. The big man is a damned genius, kid, and he don’t like jail and he don’t like the fact that a bunch of white boys took over half his territory. You take it from me, once he gets outta that shithole, he’s gonna come back here, put on that hat and coat and a whole lotta them Italians are gonna die.

What? Oh hell no he ain’t gonna take the territory back. He’s gonna get his revenge and then disappear. Probably turn up out west or somewhere with a new name. Lot of us gonna be disappearing with him. You youngbloods can have the whole damned operation after that. Ha ha! Look at your ears perkin’ up when you heard that.

So yeah, kid, you just leave that stuff alone and get out on the street. Go pick up the cash from the folks on your list and learn your shit. You do that and maybe your own hat will hang there someday.