Pieboy Goes To Castro Street

…and ended his long strange trip


1: Adventure Seed #2 will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

2: After slacking off for nearly 2 months, I got back on the treadmill last night. My legs still feel it a bit today.

3: My Sweet Little Tahitian Blue Lory Of Love and I have a weekend ahead of us filled with chores, homework, cooking, cleaning and movie watching. Oh, and let us not forget the dog park duty.

4: I will be looking forward to buying and reading the final Harry Potter book on July 21st.

5: I started three different writing for $$ projects and promptly became stalled on all three. For two of them, I know the reasons why, but I’m damned if I can figure out why the third one has me blocked.

6: I hope y’all have a fine weekend. I’m outta here now.


Wicked Turtles Shot My Baby Down

…if I find ’em, I’ll kick their carapaces

So I’m looking at the archives for January and it seems I did not post on a Wednesday all month. Well, except for today.

Anyway, in other news, it seems that An Undiscovered Island In The Pacific is the winner of the most recent Adventure Seed poll. That’s cool by me, altho the 2 runner ups will most likely find their way into the final mix as well. The final poll will be up tomorrow.

So, who amongst you will be attending DunDraCon? I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Apparently, the virus/virii that mercilessly buggered my laptop caused enough damage so that Grace could not just wave her Magical Techie Wand and fix it straightaway. Instead, she must now do some Arcane Techie Ritual and maybe sacrifice a goat or a Microsoft employee. Not sure which. At any rate, I may be in for a few more days of Laptop Withdrawal.

And now, I’m outta here. More from the Infernal Blogging Device later.

Wine Gets Mellow And Gains Character, Cheese Gets Stronger And Smellier

…and I reckon I do all of the above as I age

Birthday Update

Went to the Indian buffet for lunch. Good food and I partook of it robustly. May explode soon.

Gifted myself with a couple of used CD’s (Tom Waits Closing Time and The Ramones Ramonesmania)from Dimple Records.

Wrassled with the girls and ended up covered by enough dog hair to knit a Bichon Frise.

Might go buy myself a book later.

Will polish off the last two Guinness while watching Heroes tonight.

And now…

More bloggage later, after food induced coma.

Dreaming Of Macaws And Pork Fried Rice

…and the sun setting in the Pacific

Adventure Seed Update

Looks like Mysterious Event is gonna be our winner. I’ll wait until tomorrow to post the next poll.


The laptop has caught some kind of virus, so I’m forced to use our ancient desktop computer until Grace can weave her Technomantic spells and fix said laptop.

This weekend is my Official Three Day Birthday Weekend! My birthday (#53 for those of you playing along at home)is on Monday and I’m planning on making this a food and drink extravaganza. Plus, Sunday is Game Day and there’ll be a movie in the mix at some point.

Yesterday, I got the new Wayside Gardens nursery catalog and saw that they had a new variety of Coreopsis called “Jethro Tull”. How cool is that? One of my fave bands and one of my fave flowering plants all rolled into one. No woord yet on if the plant plays flute while standing on one leg:)

Gotta go. More wanton blogging later.

Sympathy For The Basset

…just call me Winkerdog, cause I’m in need of some restraint

Maybe I’ll post the rest tomorrow:)

Ok, our poll winners were: S.F. Chinatown, the Devolving Drug and both The Mysterious Miss Muerte and Dr. Wu, Evil Oriental Genius. And so…

Adventure Seed #1: The Devolver

(written in the style of the back cover blurb of a Doc Savage reprint)

They first appeared in New York, mad eyed bestial primitives with a lust for carnage. How was the mysterious Miss Muerte transforming normal people into prehistoric killers? How does Betty Banks, intrepid reporter, figure into this deadly scheme? From the backstreets and hidden underbelly of San Francisco’s Chinatown to a thrilling showdown in Shanghai with the real mastermind, this looks like a job for Team Tempest

Damn…I wanna play in that one:)

Next polls in a couple of days.