Blanco, The Horse Who Knew The Way Home

…because the rider was drunk in the saddle


The Doclopedia #1,004

Out In The Woods: Bottomless Pond

No, young one, the pond in the woods is not actually bottomless. It has been measured, long ago, as being 2,540 feet deep. That is near enough to bottomless for most people.

The pond measures half a mile across and a mile and a half long. The shallow edges give way after a few yards to the sheer drop into the depths. It is there that the kaiju lives, down deep and in the dark.

It is a form of tako, this creature, but very large and possessed of strange tentacles that fork into three smaller finger-like tentacles. It is said to be larger than a large house and the tentacles measure 100 feet each. Master Notoro, in his youth, saw it pull itself from the water to feed upon the 16 Bandits of the Yellow Flower. He said that is remained out of the water for nearly an hour. The arrows and swords of the bandits harmed it not.

That was 100 years ago and nobody has gone into those woods since. Unfortunately, our new Emperor refuses to have any portion of our country ceded to a monster, so it will be up to you and your team to vanquish this great beast. Master Kamaichi assures me that this barrel of chemicals are more than enough to irritate the monster out of the lake. After that, you must use all of your skills and tricks to just stay alive.

How to kill it? Well, after some thought and experimenting, I may have a suggestion. Remember that the kaiju is a fresh water creature and a mollusc. Observe now the effect of salt on this freshwater snail…”




The Doclopedia #1,005

Out In The Woods: The Lost Shrine

I’m tellin’ you, Jake, it’s there, deep in the Volnov Forest. Professor Tardefsky saw it, back on his expedition in ’28. He was maybe a mile away across the valley, but he described it exactly as Roderick Owens did in 1812. Quartz columns, the fountain, the X

shaped steps to the altar…all there.

And so is the Book Of The Old World, I’m sure of it.

So I need a team to go get it and I figured you, Sparky, Delfina and Colin, plus a half dozen or so local thugs. Maybe more, if word of it has gotten to Mandell or Corinikos. I’ve got Ames watching both of them, so we can get a head’s up.

Yeah, we’ll have to sneak in. Stalin has people watching every possible way into the country. Things will get easier on that count once we’re in Siberia, but we’ll still have to watch our asses. Man, I hate the goddamn commies.

What ya got, Jimmy, a telegram? Here’s a dime.

Son of a bitch! It’s from Ames. Both Mandell and Corinikos have started getting expeditions ready! We’ve gotta act fast now. You get Sparky & Colin while I get Delfina. Buy what you need and I’ll see all of you at the airstrip on Long Island at first light tomorrow.

And Jake? Bring plenty of guns & ammo. This will get dirty fast.”




The Doclopedia #1,006

Out In The Woods: The Strange Tree

You know, we animals don’t expect you humans to have the same levels of sensory ability that we animals have. We understand that your senses of smell & hearing are not at the same levels as ours. But for the love of Gaia, can’t you see what the Strange Tree look like? The huge size of it? The limbs that sway even on the calmest days? The leathery bark that is always damp? The twitching roots? Everything about the tree screams out DANGER! There is a reason the Strange tree is in a clearing, devoid of any animal or plant life…nothing else can live near it for long.

But you humans keep coming here, so deep in the Great Woods, to look at it and try to…well, I have no idea what you are trying to do.

It is not from our world, that tree. It came here from the sky, inside a stone, back just before the first humans crossed over the Great Ice. It took a very long time to break free of the stone and when it did, it took the lifespans of ten bears to germinate.

Once it was a sapling of three summers, it began eating everything it could catch. The roots and limbs would only have to touch a living creature and it would fall dead. Once the dead were nothing but bones, the bones would be pulled beneath the ground by roots. That is why the soil looks as if it were turned by Friend Gopher.

So I am warning you, human, do not approach the Strange Tree. You will die if you do.”

The Ice Cream Dwarves Hate The Pancake Goblins

…it has something to do with enchanted syrup.

The Adventure Building Poll, Third Phase: The Army Of Terror

During a pitched battle with the attacking Aztec Mummies, Our Heroes discover that immersion in water will paralyze these horrid undead long enough to rip out their withered hearts. The forces of good triumph.

Later, the group splits up, half going with El Santo and half going off to follow some keads with La Bruja Blanca. Not long after the split, El Santo is attacked by eagle sized vampire bats. Fortunately, luck is on the side of Good and the group escapes by using an old tunnel.

Meanwhile, the other group finds out that even as he is growing more powerful, the Super Creeper is starting to deteriorate. His skin is rotting and he is beginning to look zombielike. This may give them a clue on how to destroy him.

Also, in twin strokes of luck, both groups find out that Nazis have arrived in Mexico City. These Nazis mean to kill the Super Creeper AND the Our Heroes.

Another poll later today/tonight.

In The End, We Decided That The Eels Were A Bad Idea

…and the exploding watermelon was not well thought out

The Adventure Building Poll, Third Phase: The Army Of Terror

Our Heroes, having pursued the Super Creeper to Mexico City, learn from Federal Agents Robles & Moreno that panic is sweeping the city and there has already been one attemp on the life of El Santo. Fortunately, the plot was foiled by that vivacious vigilante, La Bruja Blanca. The feds assure Our Heroes that they have everything under control. Our Heroes, knowing that government agents are as much hindrance as help, just smile and nod.

Later, they meet up with El Santo and La Bruja Blanca near an abandoned church just outside the city. No sooner have they agreed to work together, with El Santo acting as a sort of living target/bait, when the shit hits the fan.

My Zombie Romance

…it was great until she tried to eat my brain

The Adventure Building Poll, Second Phase: The Army Of Terror

By overwhelming vote, the Nazi bastards have built their Creeper training center in the caldera of a dormant volcano. Naturally, after a series of thrilling brushes with death, Our Heroes infiltrate the base.

But wait! Some of the good guys have realized that this whole island is more geologically unstable than Herr professor Baden realizes.

Meanwhile, Baden is testing a new terror gas on hapless prisoners.

And then, the strange killings start. Killings that leave the victim’s corpse petrified and with the most terrible looks on their faces…and their eyes melted.

Next poll tomorrow.

Doc Tempest VS The Evil Angel

…from the May, 1955 issue

The Terror In The Woods (continued)

GM’s Eyes Only

Professor Bader, Reverend Karloff and Maxie are, of course, working together. Professor Bader is the brains behind the group. Reverend Karloff is the creepy cloaked (and masked) figure. He is younger than he looks and in great physical shape. Maxie mostly does muscle work and the odd murder attempt against Our Heroes. The Creeper’s mysterious fog, like his ability to generate mind numbing terror, is a product of Professor Bader and his team of German scientists.

As to exactly what they are up to, there could be several motives.

1: They are trying to frigten powerful men of industry and/or scientists, into insanity, thereby weaking America in case of a future war. (this adventure takes place a couple of years before WWII starts)

2: They are trying to frighten industrial/scientific secrets out of those same people.

3: They want to drive one certain man to suicide, thus allowing the handsome and smooth Professor Bader a chance to woo the widow and take over the company.

4: This is all just a test of the fear and fog compounds. If they are successful, Germany will produce an army of Creepers.

5: They are out to steal plans/a prototype/a sample of some amazing new stuff.

Gota get ready for work. Grand finale to this adventure next post.

Riding On A Moonbeam

…just havin’ crazy fun

Adventure Creation By Poll: The NPCs

Ok, so obviously, not having a REAL poll made lots of you choose not to vote. Pussies!

Anyway, here are the winning PCs as chosen by those who DID vote.

Team Member NPCs

Dr. Lois VanDane, medical doctor
Professor Morris Moskowitz, walking encyclopedia
Grimsby, gentleman’s gentleman

Neutral NPCs

Professor Ram Singh, scientist
Freight Train Fulton, hobo
Wong Chow, restaurant cook
Ranger Ted Newton, park ranger

Bad Guy NPCs

Professor Bader, college professor and Nazi spy
Reverend Karloff, travelling evangelist
Maxie, a tough thug

So now, we figure out what the hell is going on.

The Threatening Menace Poll