The House In The Woods Where The Singing Badgers Live

…You need to be really drunk to find it

The Adventure Building Poll, The Finale: The Army Of Terror

And so, we rap up our little adventure creation experiment. It was fun, folks, so we’ll do something similar soon.

After a day of resting up, Our Heroes hear that the Super Creeper is raising hell at the city market area. Rushing there, they find the now 10 foot tall and badly decomposing Super Creeper sending rotten vegetable golems after the terrified citizens. After they attack him, he summons up a swarm of flesh eating flies that head straight for El Santo.

Through fast thinking and the liberal application of lard, El Santo is saved is safe from the flies long enough for Our Heroes to kill them using fire. Then they turn their attention to the Super Creeper.

And that’s when a dozen Nazis attack!

A three way fight breaks out, with the good guys and the Super Creeper finally getting the upper hand on the Nazi scumbags. However, the last surviving Nazi manages to`get in a powerful hit on the Super Creeper by using a strange looking gas grenade.

Crazed with fear and pain, the huge monster flees the city, but Our Heroes easily track him to a huge cavern, several miles outside the city. There, they launch a final assault on the Super Creeper, who finally pretty much just rots away. The group’s scientists will take samples of the rotting tissue and send it back to the labs at HQ.

After that, there will be much merrymaking at the huge fiesta celebrating the destruction of the monster. Then, bidding El Santo and La Bruja Blanca goodbye, Our Heroes head off to their next action packed adventure. But…

…about a month later, they learn that the plane carrying the samples of tissue crashed somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains south of Yosemite. And now, some strange stories are surfacing about something huge, dangerous and terrifying heading north along the mountain range.


Super Frosted MescaWheats

…fiber with that psychedelic difference

The Adventure Building Poll, Third Phase: The Army Of Terror

We’re nearing the end here, folks. The Super Creeper is nearing critical mass, El Santo is still alive and Our Heroes are undaunted! Let’s see what happens next.

More bloggage later!

This Just In: Tom Lehrer Is Poisoned By Angry Pigeons

…you don’t EVEN want to know what the tango dancers did to him

Damn! My mug of tea this morning was so strong that I almost sent it off to perform 12 labors, rather than drink it.

The Adventure Building Poll, Second Phase: The Army Of Terror

Here are the latest poll results.

The terror hungry monster is part man, part spider. It kills several Nazis, and nearly kills Our Heroes, before being apparently destroyed by high frequency sound waves. Unfortunately, those same sonic waves have triggered the volcanic activity of the island and hot magma is starting to bubble up in many places. This will, within a day or so, cause the caldera to fill with lava. Despite some violent earthquakes, the island does not sink.

With Our Heroes in hot pusuit, the Super Creeper…who could be Karloff…escapes the island in a plane. Our Heroes are mere minutes behind him, but their plane is much slower. In a last minute stroke of good luck, a dying Nazi tells them that the Super creeper is heading for Mexico City.

More blogging and polling tonight.

Chapter 357: In Which Our Hero Inadverdently Triggers A Werewolf Apocalypse

…it’s time to move on from zombies and vampires

The above lycanthropic micro-rant was inspired by cappadocius

Adventure Poll Update: 12 of you have voted. More of you should. Poll will close tonight.

Website Stuff: I have found that my stores of gaming writing stuff are indeed of legendary proportions. I should be able to start the website with lots of gaming goodness. Actual startup of the site will depend upon My Sweet Angel, Grace. She is a very busy and very stressed woman these days, but I think this weekend will see our first sit down discussion about the site. Mostly, that means I tell her what I want and she replies to me in a mix of English and Techese, to which I mostly nod as tho I understand her.

Expect a poll about the website very soon. I need to get a hook on what people want to see and/or lay down cash for.

Gotta get ready for work. More blogging later.

Journal Of The International Freestyle Flooning Society

…incorporating The Flooning News and Flooning Today!

My main dream last night, which started before I got up at 4:30 am to give The Girls their First Breakfast, then continued after I went back to bed 15 minutes later, is best described as Desperate Housewives as it would be if written by H.P. Lovecraft and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Very spooky stuff. I’m pretty sure the Teri Hatcher character was a cannibal.

Very nice day out today. I think I’ll take The Girls up to the park in a bit.

The Adventure Building Poll, Second Phase: The Army Of Terror

Ok, gang, this one is a bit different. We’ll start with a basic plot, then add in details.

Basic Plot: Our Heroes are hot on the trail (well, ok, about 3 hours behind) of that Nazi bastard, Professor Bader and the traitorous Reverend Karloff. The bad guys are in a small, but fast zeppelin. Our Heroes figure that Bader is out to start up an army of Creepers, so they must stop him!

And now, POLL TIME!

The Totally Mysterious, Yet Also Rather Naughty, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Spanky Boy

…co-starring her pet killer bee, Ace

The Terror In The Woods (continued)

GM’s Eyes Only

Things That Should Happen:

1: The PCs should barely survive at least two attemps on their lives. You may or may not want to kill off a non-esential PC who is with/near them.

2: They should find a false clue that leads them to suspect an innocent PC, then stumble upon a real clue or two that puts them after Bader or Karloff.

3: If you just want to run this adventure by itself, then Bader & Company should get caught after a thrilling car chase down twisty mountain roads. If you want to run the follow up adventure, the the bad guys barely escape…on a hidden zeppelin!

Things That MIGHT Happen:

1: Some of the townsfolk or resort guests might be under the religious sway of Reverend Karloff, so they might interfere with the investigation.

2: Freight Train Fulton and/or Wong Chow might be undercover federal agents.

3: A REAL creeper…perhaps the spirit of some former owner of the resort…might appear. In fact, this might cause Bader & Company to run before the threat of discovery does.

Thus endeth this part of our sketchy, yet rather fun, adventure. If any of you ever actually run this, let me know.

Next up: Part 2: The Army Of Terror