It’s All Fun And Sexy Games Until Your Jaw Muscles Start Aching

…too much of a good thing:)

The Adventure Building Poll, Second Phase: The Army Of Terror

Well, it seems that the brave and brilliant Professor Ram Singh has joined our group in their large, yet fast, tri motored airplane. Hot in pursuit of Professor Bader’s zeppelin, which is bound for a little charted area of the south Atlantic, they are closing in on him. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as they see two small fighters, about 24 men flying with the use of jetpacks, three very small pilotless planes and three long range fighter bombers heading towards them.

Now, naturally Our Heroes will survive all this. However, their plane may not, depending upon the GM’s whim or a cruel roll of the dice. Regardless, there will be much use of Flying, Gunnery, Gadgeteering and other skills during this hellish dogfight.

And somehow, Our Heroes make it to the island, which contains a laboratory and a training facility for 100 of Germany’s finest troops. Troops that will soon be turned into terrorizing Creepers!

And now, some more pollage…

More stuff later.

The Wonderfulness Of Eating Pie

…blueberry pie with whipped cream

The Adventure By Poll Thing

Ok, so now we have our locations…

At the Lake Of The Pines resort, our creepy villain will cause all manner of trouble in The Woods Nearby, The Main Lodge, The Boathouse/Docks, The Cabins and The Small Island Just Offshore. The police in the nearby town of Grogan’s Corner (I had to flip a coin to break the tie with Pine Gap) have called Our Heroes to investigate.

Next post: I put all of the pieces together for your amusement and/or use in a game.