The Kitty Cats Star In A Reality Show

…on the cat channel


1: I missed the deadline for this months A&E because…well, because I’m a dummy.

2: I now have the outlines/partially written manuscripts for 10 writing projects sitting in front of me. Some of them are about 5 years old, while some are from this last weekend. I’ll be having Grace lock me up in my writing cage every night this week after I get home from work. We’ll see what comes of it.

3:Still not 100% sure what my GMing status is at ConquestSac. The website hadn’t noted any changes the last time I checked.

4: Looks like lotsa rain for NorCal this next week or so. That can only mean that
Spring is near and soon the gardeners will begin their annual migration outside.

An Elasmosaurus In The Bathtub

…it’s a really big bathtub

Damn…too many empty days on this LJ so far. Kinda strapped for time right now, but I can do a…

Doc Update

1: We are all doing ok here. Winker has become a bit more of an attention hound, but that’s ok, cos we have lots of love for her.

2: Gotta do a zine for A&E #401 this week. It will contain content not found on this LJ, so you can either subscribe to A&E or wait about a month for the content to pop up on here.

3: We are going through our annual “warm and sunny January” days here in the Big Tomato. This Natures attempt to instill a false sense of hope in gardeners, because soon will come the pounding rain and cold and winters last assault. Me, I’ll wait another month or two before doing any real gardening.

4: Unless I get hit by a comet, I’ll have my annual Subject Line review up by Friday.

5: Working on the PC and NPC characters for the Dundracon Toon game, as well as assorted Stuff and what might loosely be termed a “plot”. Lots of old favorites from past games will show up, plus a couple of new loony toons.

6: Made DocBurgers for dinner last night. They were almost too damned good to eat, but we ate them anyway.

7: Time for lunch, then work. More bloggage later.

The Rare And Beautiful Five Legged Blue Chickenduck Of Potawango Island

…they can’t swim all that well, but they can run like a motherfucker

Just a short post to let y’all know I’m still alive. I managed to send off a 2 page zine for Alarums & Excursions 400th issue. Not my most content filled zine ever, but not bad for having been gone for…I dunno…years.

In other news, fucking 2008 just cannot end soon enough for me. 2009 better be just full of goodness for Grace and I, or I swear I’ll lay waste to the civilized world.

Can’t think of anything else to write, so I’m outta here.

Deadman’s Learning Curve

…not the song by Jan & Dean

Ok, I’m back. The job hunt goes on with no results so far. It’s a pretty shitty time to be 54 and looking for work along with a huge number of your fellow citizens, but what ya gonna do? If I was half my present age and weight, I’d be rolling in dough via some of my old skill sets, but I’m not, so I keep hitting the bricks every day.

By the way, my fellow A&Eers and gamers, my next couple of issues are taken care of, so please don’t call or write Lee with offers to cover me. Thank you so much, those of you who came to my aid unasked. Y’all are pretty fuckin’ great.

Now, for a bit of content, here is my take on a list that I’ve seen on at least 3 other LJ’s and/or websites…

12 RPG’s That Everyone Should Play At Least Once

1: Good old hack & slash dungeon crawling D&D. Preferably the boxed version with the rather garish dragon.

2: AD&D, but using the original Ravenloft boxed set. Barring that, use the equally innovative and utterly cool Al Qadim setting.

3: Runequest, because it is asskickingly cool, has a wonderful setting and ducks.

4: Over The Edge, played with balls out wild abandon and maybe just a hint of your favorite mind altering substance. In my not at all humble opinion, Al Amarja is the single coolest and most possibility filled setting in the history of RPGs.

5: Champions, because playing superheroes is way fun and by the time you are finished, you’ll either love or hate the Hero system, but either way, you’ll know the meaning of “complex & detailed RPG rules”.

6: Paranoia, because it is pants pissingly funny and hilariously violent. It is probably the easiest system to GM, since many sessions never get beyond the briefing room…and if they do, R&D will stop them cold:)

7: Call of Cthulhu, for it’s just damned perfect meshing of rules and setting. Unlike most RPGs, in CoC, you don’t get more powerful as time goes on, you just get closer to going into sanity’s abyss. A well run session of CoC should make it very hard for you to fall asleep afterwards.

8: Traveller, in whichever flavor you like, as long as it’s all about cruising the spaceways trying to earn a few credits by hook or by crook.

9: Castle Falkenstein, because it has steampunk, faerie both good and bad, swashbuckling action, airships, evil Prussians, criminal masterminds, mad science, magic and the goddamn Bear Flag Empire of California under the leadership of his Imperial Majesty, Norton I. Damn, I got wood just thinking about this RPG.

10: Toon, because it’s easy to learn, has a universal subject matter (go on, tell me who you know that has never seen a cartoon), plays fast and can run on the most tissue thin of plots.

11: Mutants & Masterminds, because it let’s you play any superhero that Champions does, but with waaaaayyyy fewer (and way easier) rules and a single d20.

12: The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen, because it perfectly blends storytelling, drinking and audience participation into one big old cream filled pastry of roleplaying goodness. Besides, you know you’re just dying to tell us of the time you rescued the Queen of the Moon from her imprisonment by the French aided by only a deaf terrier, an overweight Welsh bricklayer and your pet budgie, Otis.

And now, I must go to bed, so as to arrive bright and early tomorrow for my first of many sessions in Dr. Yen’s Ultraviolet Radiation Booth Of Happiness.

Blue Goats

…but not clinically depressed goats


1: So, walking meltdown John McCain decided to “suspend” his presidential campaign to rush back to Washington and help stave off our imminent economic collapse. That is, if by “rush” you mean stay in New York long enough to do an interview with Katie Couric and then appear at the Clinton Initiative thing today. Come on, McBush, just fucking admit that you are A: afraid to debate Mr. Obama B: REALLY afraid to have that skank Palin debate Joe Biden C: unable to do two things at once D: melting down.

2: I got the October issue of Alarums & Excursions yesterday and it is issue #397. That means the January issue will be #400. I really need to get a zine into that one.

3: I’ve been watching the new series Fringe and I’m finding it rather boring. It’s like X-Files with a more coherent (and more predictable) conspiracy, much less interesting protagonists (except the crazy scientist dude, who is a hoot) and no cool mutants/supernatural shit. Maybe I’d like it better if I worshipped at the Church of J.J. Abrams, but I don’t. I may or may not watch any more episodes.

4: The bigass 2 hour premiere of Heroes was good, but seemed in many ways like a retread of season 1. I mean, saving the world from destruction is all well and good, but how about just having a good old superhero vs supervillain slugfest for a few episodes? And the time travel thing? Officially over done. Oh, and how about having just one person, good or evil, die and FUCKING STAY DEAD? I will watch this season all the way thru, but unless things get really interesting and fresh, I may nor return for season 4.

The 10 Blue Budgies Come Home

…and they’re lookning for trouble

Cool Stuff

Here’s a link to a very cool looking online tabletop gaming system that I just might try using to game with my far flung roleplaying buddies.


Other Stuff

I’ll have some sort of review up for each of the products I got at GenCon (most of which were written by Robin Laws), but probably not before Monday.

This Saturday I’ll be girding my loins and doing at least a partial cleaning out of my garage. The reason (other than my garage being full to overflowing with junk and stuff)is that next Tuesday is the semiannual “large trash pick up” and I always take advantage of this chance to pile up and dispose of crap I no longer need.

Sunday will be Game Day with my other gaming group…the one where I get to be just a player, not the GM. I’m looking forward to some zombie stomping action or, failing that, some running away while screaming.

I’ve loaded Campaign Cartographer 3 onto my laptop. It is very cool and a big step up from the also very cool CC Pro. Full review to come soon, after I make a few maps while giggling like a schoolgirl.

After a couple of years of saying I’d do it “next month”, I sent in a zine to Alarums & Excursions. It’s just a rewriting of the GenCon reports I did here, but what the hell, at least I sent in a zine.

More bloggage later. Now is the time for dog walking, then working.

The Mental Sausage Grinder

…grind, grind, grind

When I sometimes read the forums on RPGnet, it is often with a “watching a train wreck” sort of morbid fascination. Very rarely, I’ll comment on something. Usually, I find 99% of the topics there to be either bitchy, brainless or just plain boring.

However, last night I stumbled on this: which happens to be about both Alarums & Excursions and Gaming In The “Good Old Days”.

Now, it does eventually descend into a typical RPGnet catfight and it is full of young gamers talking pretentiously out their asses on subjects they know nothing about, but there are some good nuggets in it.

The Barefoot Bear Flag Outlaw

…and still shaking the pillars of heaven

Sweet Mother of Pearl, yesterday was an asskicker at work. I’m pretty sure I delivered a pizza to every other person in the Sacramento metroplex. I was dead tired by the end of the day. Thankfully, everyone I delivered to was generous with tips, so I averaged about $25.00 an hour for the day, including wages.

When I got home, issue #361 of Alarums & Excursions was waiting in my mailbox. I missed getting a zine in for it, but I’ve got a good idea for what will be in my next zine, so it should be cranked out in plenty of time for the next ish.

My summer veggie garden is winding down. I’ll probably pull the tomato and zuchinni plants this weekend, with the chiles and cantalopes following in a week or so.

There Were Flowers In Her Hair And The Ocean In Her Eyes

…and then time stopped.

Blog Fodder

Got the latest issue of Alarums & Excursions today…issue #360, the 30th anniversary ish. I was actually kind of thrilled to see my name and zine back in A&E after all of these years. I reckon I’ll have to contribute for a few months or so.

My cantalopes have started to ripen, which means I’ll be picking one or two every day for awhile. Picked two tonight after I got home and I ate one for dinner. Exceptionally sweet and yummy. we also picked the first of our heirloom tomatos, a Cherokee Purple, and it was delish.

Picked up Dork Tower #31 today and it was excellent, as always. Oh, curse that Kovalic and his cartooning talent, anyway:)

Due to our Adventures In Poverty, Grace and I are falling way behind on our movie viewing. I fear we will not see “War of the Worlds” or “Fantastic Four” until they hit Pay Per View. We’ll try to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” soon, but we may have to waste our money on food or bills or other frivolities.

Hey, all of you who will be going to GenCon next month, I expect to see lots of daily con reportage here on LJ. And post pictures if you can.

Bedtime calls, so more blogging tomorrow.

Follow The Purple Brick Road

…and don’t take any shit from witches.

Here’s a sick, twisted and fun little meme…How Would You Get Rid Of My Corpse?

Tell me how you’d dispose of my corpse. Then post this in your own journal to find out how other people plan to get rid of YOUR body!

In other news, I finished a short A&E zine for the big anniversary issue. Unfortunately, I did no work on the pro writing job due to excessive laziness today. I’ll do better tomorrow after work.