Possible Stanley, Amy The Chick & Happy McDevitt Go Out On The Town

…first stop: the Bop De Bop Lounge


The Doclopedia #980

Rings & Things: Ring Roads

On the Changed Earth, where magic has returned and exists alongside technology, every municipality is surrounded by a Ring Road that not only sets the city boundaries, but keeps out hostile creatures and sentients both human and otherwise. In California, Ring Roads keep out many creatures, but especially the California Grizzly Bear, males of which can be half again larger than Polar Bears. Australia, they keep out Bunyips and other creatures from Aboriginal legend.

Due to the drastic reduction of automobiles on Changed Earth, most Ring Roads are only two lanes wide. The most frequent motor traffic are the Anibuss (Catbuses, Dogbuses, Bunnybuses) and electric motorcycles.

Ring Roads are never black or dark gray, like ordinary roads. Instead, they are sandy colored, light gray, light blue and various shades of brown.


Let’s Boogie Woogie!

…invitation does not apply to the King of Rock & Roll

For the uninitiated, that’s a Long John Baldry joke.

The Doclopedia #585

Average Janes: Jane York, U.S. Army

Now, ma’am, you know that we aren’t supposed to talk about the whole “men in combat” thing. According to the D-O-D, it’s going to happen just as soon as possible. If you know military speak, that means “at the last possible moment before budget cuts force us to”. Personally, I’m thinking 2-3 more years.”

I think men could handle combat, but I’ll tell you straight up, they should be in all male units. Look, the last war with men in charge was Vietnam and we know what a clusterfuck that was. Their inner cavemen started thinking with their dicks and then it’s all “Oh hey, let’s use this experimental virus to kill their men and boys!” Next thing you know, males are going tits up all over the planet and we women have to step up and take over. My great-grandad was one of the lucky ones who survived, if by lucky you mean coming home in ’70 as a 20 year old with severe health problems for the next decade.”

My mom was in the first big all female battle back when the robots rose up. She fought the whole three years and came home with a cloned right arm and leg. She wasn’t career Army, but my Aunt Babe was a career Navy SEAL. She was less than two years from retirement when those damned New Men poured out of India. Her official sniper kill record for the war was 47. Could a man have done better at killing those big hyperhormonal sonsofbitches? I doubt it.”

I’m 10 years into my 30 and I’ve seen action against robots, the Amazon League and whatever the hell those mutant monkey/pig things were really called. I’ve got a guy back home and we’re thinking of getting married. He works in the Department of Science’s new lab outside Austin and can’t tell me what he does. That’s cool though, because half the time, I wouldn’t understand it anyway. He’s all kinds of great and I love him…but combat capable? Never gonna happen.”

The Doclopedia #586

Average Janes: Jane Kyatana, Herbalist

Ok, so I’m only looking about 30 due to The Change, but honey, I was 56 when it hit, so I’m really 86. Looking pretty good though, ain’t I? My hubs, Tom, is 88, but a damned fine 88, don’t you think? Rowr! Hahaha! Lookee there, a red man blushing red! Hahaha!’

Women in my family have been working with herbs for quite a long while…maybe 5,000 years. We’ve been running herb shops outside the reservations…well, back when there were reservations…since the 1920’s. We’ve had this one here in Sacramento since 1937, when my Aunt Zana started it up. Always did good enough business, but now that magic has come back, things are really cooking. Herbal mixes now can do so much more and what with the Green Ladies giving us some of their knowledge, we are almost as good as a doctor for many things.”

Speaking of Green Ladies, The Lady Grace stops in here and at the other herbalists pretty often. She’s usually looking for certain herbs so she can brew up Healing Draughts for her husband. He’s a Speaker and a Diplomat and I’ll swear he gets banged up more that boxer. He says it’s from “aggressive diplomacy”. The Lady says it’s because he’s a hot tempered old Mutant fart. I suspect she’s right.”

Yeah, we get New Races, too. Trolls, Smart Animals, House Elves, tons of Gnomes, some Goblins, Lycanthropes of all sorts, heck, we even get a Dragon now and then. Of course, you have to mix things up special for most of them, since Human or Mutant formulations don’t work so well. Of course, Gnomes can handle almost any dosage, being the tough little suckers they are.”

And speaking of New Races, here comes Babe with Gigi and her pups! I’m betting Babe is going to buy more Hangover Helper for Sin and Gigi is after some more Sleepwell for those pups. Tom, you’d best get in the back and start mixing!”