AAAAAHHOOOOO! Werewolves Of Woodland!



40 years ago: My pal was born! Happy birthday, Nik!

20 years ago: The Berlin Wall fell! Take that, you commie motherfuckers!

13 years ago: My Sweet Angel, Grace, in a moment of either lost sanity or saintlike charity, married me in Reno, Nevada.

Sweetheart, it has been a wonderful 13 years. I love you, My Little Owl Finch Of Passion!

Attack Of The Pygmy Parrots

…an American International film

Two big events are happening today!

First, it’s another HAPPY BIRTHDAY for my buddy nikchick! She’s just about as nice a person as you’d want to meet. Have a good one, Nik!

Secondly, it’s me and Grace’s 11TH ANNIVERSARY! Obviously, my Sweet Angel should be getting some sort of medal for Patience, Courage and Service To All Mankind for taming my unruly ass. Alas, she’ll have to make do with smooching, cards from The Girls and I, homemade gourmet pizzas, banana milkshakes and The Secret Dessert.

More bloggage later.

Ten Years Down The Road

…and a fantastic ten years it has been

Two big news items today…


2: It is the 10th anniversary of my wedding to My Sweet Little Wood Nymph Of Love, Grace. TEN years! That’s pretty damned amazing. Sweetheart, I love you more now than I did back in 1996.

And now, time for brekky