Big Worms In Compost Pile D24-Gamma

…code name: Fuzzy Porcupine

Ok, so I’ve submitted two games for ConquestSac in March. Here they are.

Over The Pulp Edge
It’s 1933 and the Insane Mastermind, Dr. Miguelito Loveless, has released an army of beast men on the city of San Francisco. As part of Team Tempest, it’s up to you to figure out his evil plan, destroy his savage minions, storm his secret headquarters and bring him to justice. Fast paced action and adventure using the rules light Over The Edge system.

Kill or Die, Your Choice
Part Roleplaying, part minis battle! You have been sentenced to a run through the Emperor’s Arena of Death. The idea is simple: Be the sole survivor and win both your freedom and a hefty purse of gold. However, you might have other plans once you get inside. This game is rules light, fast paced and full of roleplaying. The arena will be 3D.

Doc Tempest And The Murder Machine

…from the June, 1942 issue

Coming Soon To A Dundracon Near You

I’ve decided to run a 3D minis battle to the death arena in Open Gaming this year. Here are the facts as they stand now…

Title: Hack ‘Em Up!

System: Totally homebrew, rules light and based upon rolling 1d20 for actions and assorted other dice for damage. Movement will be secret and simultaneous, then you’ll get 1 minute to asses the situation and write down your actions, then everyone reveals together.

Premise: You are all badass killers, armed to the teeth with various weapons. You really need the 10,000 gold piece prize money…plus, you really like killing people. Thus, all of you go in, but only one comes out.

The Arena: It’ll be 3D, with walls, stuff you can climb on/hide behind, traps, healing potions and other goodies, a few wandering monsters and (if you step on the right squares) teleport spots.

The Minis: I’ll be using my vast collection of Little Plastic Dudes.

Number of players: Not sure, but probably no more than 12 at a time.

So, if yer going to Dundracon, come test your luck.