Fly Fishing In The Stream Of Conciousness

…and not catching anything


OOPS! Forgot to post the Monday entry for After The Change Came. Here it is and I promise the Wednesday entry will go up on time.


After The Change Came

Series 3

A Night For Gaming And Parenting

Well, folks, tonight was Game Night at the old hacienda and we had a pretty big crowd. Besides Grace, myself, Lily and the twins, we had Roscoe, Gigi & the pups, Sin & Babe, Lily’s best friend Cassie, Lily’s “he’s NOT my boyfriend, Dad” friend Marty, Avis & Daniel and our very good neighbor, Linda. Boardgames were the order of the night and we had the big gaming table set up.

The pups and twins were put into a magical sort of playpen that is, like a TARDIS, larger on the inside than on the outside. It is also safer than safe, but that didn’t stop out House Elf, Annie, from popping in “just to check on the wee ones” every 10 minutes or so. Even so, at one point Will figured out that he could push toys into a pile near the stable end of the playpen, climb on top of the pile and then help puppies escape. He was helped in figuring this out by May, who among the pups is the one most likely to have “adventures”. Puppy escapes were fruitless, since both Gigi and Grace were sitting nearby. They just put the escapees right back into the pen, then had Daniel cast a spell to put a magical cover on it. Lockdown!

Rather than recount boring play by play of the games, I’ve opted to list some quotes from throughout the evening, many without context.

Grace to Gigi: “You have a degree in Early Childhood Education, another in Child Psychology, you are extremely patient and you have a highly developed herding instinct. Of course you’re a good mother.”

Marty: “I swear these dice did not suck when I used them last time”

Avis to Me: “Yeah, right. We should live so long as to see you get sick of Chinese food.”

Lily to Cassie: “Lucky you. Takes me half an hour to shampoo my hair. And try shampooing a tail!”

Gigi to Roscoe: “You do realize that the object of this game is to win, right?”

Me to Daniel: “If you build a guest house, you should make it look like a milkshake.”

Linda to Grace: “I love my wife, even when she goes to Bitchytown.”

Roscoe to Babe: “One of these days, we’ll run through the streets with you chasing me. That will get us some looks.”

Avis to Lily: “Always remember that your father kept us searching for him for 3 days because he wanted to hang out with gorillas.”

Sin to Marty: “Yes, the whole growth spurt thing is a pain in the ass. When I was your age, I was growing out of dresses in a month’s time.”

Me to Sin: “It surprises nobody here that you get wood for sheep.”

Grace to Lily: “Of course high school sucks, sweetie. It’s full of teenagers.”

Sin: “If I ever did build a railroad, it would have way classier cars than you usually see.”

Me to Roscoe: “When you were a year old you ate half a pound of butter. You had to wear a diaper for a week.”

Avis: “I don’t like those dice. They look creepy.”

Lily to Marty: “Of course females are smarter than males. If they weren’t, we’d still be living in caves.”

It was a fun night. Now I have to go tuck in two sleepy toddlers, then hit the sack. Off to China tomorrow. More blogging later.