Only One Way Out Of This Town

...until we got really creative, that is. Life On The Magic Bus Chapter 3: The Games Are Afoot! Geeks gather Winker goes up a level 4/20/2009 Destination Sign: Space…The Final Frontier (Narrator: Hello, I’m back to tell you the story in this short chapter.) Upon arriving in Seattle, Doc parked the bus in the parking lot … Continue reading Only One Way Out Of This Town

Sassy Wombats Ridiculed My Partridges was terrible to hear The Doclopedia #1,143Bad Dogs: Yin YinAmong the affluent young capitalist of Shanghai, owning a purebred dog is a status symbol. Owning a unique purebred dog puts you at the top of the heap. The owners of Yin Yin have such a dog, since he is a pure white miniature long haired … Continue reading Sassy Wombats Ridiculed My Partridges

The Rare And Beautiful Whistling Potto Of Potawango Island

...they can imitate many birds The Doclopedia #1,142Bad Dogs: Lulu Louise CrossUntil the Summer of 2013, Lulu was a normal basset hound/coon hound mix living in Sacramento, California. Then she died from lymphoma, he basset hound sister transferred her intellect into an artificial brain and in the Fall of 2013, Lulu awoke with a partly organic, … Continue reading The Rare And Beautiful Whistling Potto Of Potawango Island

Golden Weevils

...I have no idea where that came from The Doclopedia #1,139Road Signs: Steep GradeOn Smart Earth, where education is mandatory everywhere and most folks have 3-4 degrees, you'll often see this road sign as you drive the last mile to one of the more exclusive universities. It references the fact that if you have less that … Continue reading Golden Weevils