Hey! You Kids Get Off My…Oh, Wait, I Don’t Have A Lawn

…I have a jungle

Well, it’s 1:00 AM, so it’s my birthday. #56, to be exact. I’ll celebrate on Saturday, after work, with cake, ice cream & Guinness. Yum!

Chapter 102: In Which Our Hero Runs Afoul Of The Law, Trains A Duck To Waltz And Finally Beds Lucy

…it was a very clever duck

What I did on my birthday

well, for starters, I got up at 6 AM in the morning in order to be ready for my 8 AM appointment with my Orthopedist. He had some X rays taken of my fucked up right wrist and determined that…

A: When I injured it in the accident back in 1982, a bone fragment broke off and reattached itself in the wrong spot, thus limiting the hands mobility. Nothing can be done to fix this, but I’m ok with that.

B: The actual pain in my wrist has been caused by a cyst that presses on the nerves & muscles of the wrist joint. This can be fixed after I get an MRI done on it. I’m very happy to hear that.

C: In the doctors considered opinion, the previous doctors who, over the past 26 years, have blown me off on this wrist problem, were “nitwits.

After that medical fun, I headed off to the dermatologist to get my regular UVB irradiation, then spent a few hours visiting thrift stores looking for cheap books. Alas, I found but two that interested me: “Redwall” and a Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Moriarty novel, “The Infernal Device”.

For my birthday lunch, I hit the Thai Cottage on Howe Avenue for some very hot & spicy beef Pa Nang and some of the best Thai iced tea I’ve ever had. All for only $11.00 including tip.

After lunch, with a nice volcanic warmth in my belly and my tongue seared to about medium well done, I stopped by a couple of game stores. Unfortunately, with money being tight and most RPG products being a bit pricey for my tastes (to say nothing of being stuff I would not play), I bought nothing. Even the used games didn’t tempt me.

Next, I went home and walked The Girls. They were glad to see me after having been away for forever (AKA more than an hour). I checked my email, gave my sweet hound dogs a bite to eat, then headed off to pick up Grace from work. On the way home, we stopped by Fry’s to check out computer games and such, but bought nothing. Then, it was home for dinner, cake and ice cream.

All in all, not a bad birthday.

And now, off to work. More blogging later.

Wine Gets Mellow And Gains Character, Cheese Gets Stronger And Smellier

…and I reckon I do all of the above as I age

Birthday Update

Went to the Indian buffet for lunch. Good food and I partook of it robustly. May explode soon.

Gifted myself with a couple of used CD’s (Tom Waits Closing Time and The Ramones Ramonesmania)from Dimple Records.

Wrassled with the girls and ended up covered by enough dog hair to knit a Bichon Frise.

Might go buy myself a book later.

Will polish off the last two Guinness while watching Heroes tonight.

And now…

More bloggage later, after food induced coma.

Not Quite Your Usual Suburban Mom

…what with that flogger and those red come fuck me shoes

Birthday Weekend Update

I’m about 3.5 pints into me Guinness just now.

Decided not to have cake, but bought lots of ice cream.

Today was Game Day and I made two kinds of killer salsa and some fuckin’ ay great guacamole.

Watched episode 2 of The Dresden Files and while it’s getting better, it still ain’t as good as the novels.

Tomorrow’s birthday lunch: Mexican or Indian? Decisions, decisions…

Today’s game session was all about a little “warm up” session in an arena filled with pits, loot and monsters, prior to entering the main dungeon next time…which will be the week after DunDraCon.

Called my friend Mary Jones (wife of Spike Y Jones) to wish her a happy birthday. She had the good sense to be born the day before my birthday, altho 11 years after me.

Damn…need more Guinness and a bit o’ ice cream. More bloggage later.

It Was Never About The Cheap Thrills, It Was About Moderately Priced Thrills

…and the odd Luxury Thrill

So, today I’m 52 years old. Odd as this may seem to my younger friends, this is no big deal. See, after you hit 50, only the odometer rollover birthdays are important…and even then, just because they are milestones. So, in 8 years when I hit 60, I’ll be excited. Or not.

What cool prezzies did Uncle Doc get this year? Not much. A set of tres cool silicon bakeware, a few other kitchen goodies and a bunch of veggie seeds for the 2006 Bigass Veggie Garden. Later today, I’ll have Thai food for lunch with My Sweet Little Fairy Tern Of Passion. We were supposed to eat Thai food last night, but we ate a big late lunch and that kinda screwed the dinner plans.

And now, I’m off to bake my birthday cake.