She Blinded Me With Fish Sandwiches

…lake trout, Mmmmmm

Altho I doubt she’ll see this…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARY CHRIEST JONES! She is my dear friend and wife of my other dear friend, Spike Y Jones. Have a great birthday, hon.

AAAAAHHOOOOO! Werewolves Of Woodland!



40 years ago: My pal was born! Happy birthday, Nik!

20 years ago: The Berlin Wall fell! Take that, you commie motherfuckers!

13 years ago: My Sweet Angel, Grace, in a moment of either lost sanity or saintlike charity, married me in Reno, Nevada.

Sweetheart, it has been a wonderful 13 years. I love you, My Little Owl Finch Of Passion!

The Triumphant, But Not Wholly Unexpected, Return Of Mostly Purple Patty

…and her pet conch, Edward

Ok…I’m going to actually do a substantive post today. Here goes.

1: Happy Birthday Yesterday to my Mom! She is 81 and still full of piss and vinegar.

2: We took The Girls to the beach at Fort Bragg on Sunday. They were totally unimpressed by it, so we only stayed about 15-20 minutes. The drive up through the Napa Valley was very nice, as was the drive back along Highway 20. We did 5 mystery shops along our 430 mile round trip, so the cost of gas and food was covered.

Mostly, we did this day trip for two reasons: to get outta Sacramento for a day and to see how Winker and Lucy would do on a long car trip. They did very well indeed, altho they were a couple of pooped pooches by the time we got home.

Here are some pix…

An Old Fart and two Young Ladies

Miss Lucy, refusing to look directly at the camera

Miss Winker, lounging in the car

3: Besides my mom, a shitload of other folks I know seem to have June birthdays. A few are hitting the big Four Oh this year. I shall try to remember to wish y’all happy birthdays as your day rolls around.

4: Must go walk the hounds now. Dungeon Delving post arriving in under an hour.

Attack Of The Mutant Wiener Dogs

…with laser beams!

Happy birthday to muskrat_john, whom I first met at GenCon in 1991. I hope you have a good one, buddy!

Ya know, for an unemployed bum, I’ve got a fuckin’ busy day ahead of me. First up is a visit to Dr. Yen’s Anti-Psoriasis House Of Fun, then I have to ::REDACTED::…TWICE, then I have to buy groceries and pay (and by “pay” I mean “send a minimal token to”) some bills, THEN I’ve got to wash these two lovable but funky smelling hounds and THEN I have to wash dishes and laundry. I’ll let My Sweet Little Thirteen Lined Ground Squirrel Of Passion cook dinner.

And now, I’m outta here. More Blog-O-Rama later.