Chapter 444: In Which Our Hero, Falsely Accused Of Murder, Escapes Into The American Wilderness

…and ends up becoming a Cherokee warrior

Well, apparently my ear infections were lonely, since I now have a sore throat that could be strep throat. I blame all of this on our totally screwy June weather this year…it is around 14 degrees cooler and much rainier than any previous June. Stupid Global Warming!

Anyway, if I still feel crappy in the morning, it’s off to Urgent Care for some antibiotics for me.

The True Story Of How I Rescued A Princess Held Captive In Elko, Nevada

…it’s a very thrilling story

BLAAHHH!!! BLAAHHH!!!, I say! I’ve got matching ear infections (well, not exactly matching…the right ear is worse than the left) and a headache that would fall a lesser man. Only the love of a good woman and two dogs is keeping me from stomping through Tokyo and leaving it a smoking ruin.

Speaking of the loving good woman I mentioned above, she has determined that we need a “fun day for just us, no dogs”, so we are apparently going to Marine World/Africa USA down in Vallejo this weekend. When we went a few years ago, all of the animal exhibits were scheduled for renovation, so we’ll see how they look now. Meanwhile, while we are gone, The Girls will be charged with sleeping, laying around, eating FOOOOOOD FORRRRRR DOGGGSSSSSS!!!!! and watching the telly. I am sure they will carry out their duties without any problems.

And now, it is time for brekky and cocoatea!

Pickle Pancakes


Well, today looks to be a challenging day, given that yesterday I had a sore throat that triggered panic attacks all night and kept me from falling asleep until 6 AM. Then, it was sleep for an hour or so, get up to pee, sleep for an hour or so, get up to pee, etc.

So, I’m running on just shy of 5 hours of sleep and a hefty dose of my beloved extra strong tea.

Despite having a headache that would make a lesser man cry, I’m feeling ok. Throat feels better, sinuses were a bit tender this morning (because I used a Breathe Right strip in a cold bedroom) but are feeling ok now.

I’ll do my 8 hours at work, come home, eat, take some Kava Kava to help me sleep, then hopefully get about 10 hours of mentally and physically healing sleep.

Oh, and I’ll try to post a short P, P & P tonight, too.

Braiding Snakes

…not as easy as you might think

Blah. BLAH!, I say!

Not in a good mood. It’s dreary and overcast outside, so my S.A.D. is activating. Got a low level earache. Not getting enough sleep (my fault). Feeling generally like crap.

Will try to write more on Violet tonight.