Doc Tempest And The Demon On The Radio

…from the December 1930 issue

And the weekend starts off poorly…

Broke a tooth off of my upper dental plate. I won’t be able to see the dentist for about a week, at which time I’ll get a whole new plate made, since I’m way overdue for one.

I’m about to head off for the Sacramento ASPCA Spring Book Sale, which lasts for 9 days and usually nets me some good reading.

Later on, it’s gardening time! I am seriously considering having a plant sale next weekend. I have a ton of extra plants that need new homes.

I’m outta here. More blogging later.




Jet Girl Romiko Versus The Insect Mecha Army

…more faux manga

Well, Gentle Readers, the combination of overcast skies, cold and unemployment based cabin fever are doing their level best to bring on a visit from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’m attempting to counter this via a dangerously high caffiene intake, playing with the dogs (who are quite tuckered out just now) and doing some of the less odious housekeeping. Later, I’ll run out to Safeway to buy trash bags and a few odds & ends.

Writing may or may not happen today, but as the tea amps me up, it does become more likely. Part of said writing will include the promised Brewerton write up. Once Brewerton is done, I have another poll based idea or two that I will share with you.

For those of you in the Sacramento area, I’d like to point out that the Sacramento ASPCA will have their 4 day long Fall Book Sale starting this Thursday at Birdcage Walk (which, by the way, I can remember when it first opened in the 1970’s had a real aviary at its center). The fall sale is not nearly as huge or as varied as the humongous 9 day long Spring Book Sale, but it is still pretty damned good. Last year, it seemed to feature a lot of cookbooks and mysteries, both of which Grace and I bought bags full of. Plus, it benefits the shelter animals, so your money is well spent.

More bloggage later, after my steel cage deathmatch with SAD.