Mr. Porkwaffle Climbs A Bubblegum Tree

…and ends up a pink sticky mess

HEY! You Dungeon Delving players who have not responded to the last turn had better get with it pronto! I’m very nearly ready to set the rabid opossums on ye!

In other news…

My garden looks verra verra nice. I transplanted the last of the corn seedlings yesterday. I also moved a yellow butterfly bush to a new & better location (right next to the hugeass purple butterfly bush) and planted some daylilies nearby. Oh, and if anyone in the Sacramento area wants to grow some garlic in their garden, I have plenty to give away.

In literary news…

I finished The Lies of Locke Lamora and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good caper tale set in a mostly fantasy, but with a slight sci-fi element, variation of late medieval Venice. I shall very soon read the next book in the (proposed) series.

In roleplaying news…

After a long dry spell due to the Mystery Shopping Death March, my main group and I shall meet up again on the 28th of this month to resume our bi-weekly fantasy series. This is good, as I am sorely in need of doing my Gamemasterly thing.

Gotta walk The Girls. More bloggage later.


Miss Winker Takes A Bath

…actually, she was given a bath, which she enjoyed

The 15 Books Meme

Simple premise here…list 15 books (fiction or non-fiction) that have stuck with you over the years.

I list no authors here. Google titles for more info.

1: Green Eggs & Ham
2: A Princess of Mars
3: At The Earth’s Core
4: The Frugal Gourmet
5: The Hobbit
6: The Lord of the Rings
7: The Hound of the Baskervilles
8: Doc Savage, The Man Of Bronze
9: 1st Edition AD&D Players Handbook
10: My Family and Other Animals
11: IT
12: My Life And Hard Times
13: Lucifers Hammer
14: A Fine and Pleasant Misery
15: Square Foot Gardening

The Sweetly Terrifying Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Haunted Toilet Seat

…co-starring her Aunt Hortense

Damn…August already! The time, she is flying by!

I’m nearly finished reading most of the Solar Pons mystery series. I don’t have book #7 or #9, but I do have the rest and am halfway through book 10. I shall post an overview when I’m finished.

Waiting in the wings to be read are The Chinese Parrot (a Charlie Chan story), The Bishop Murder Case (a Philo Vance mystery) and a couple of Fu Manchu novels.

As for television viewing, it sucks. This is mostly due to the Recent Financial Troubles, which has us getting only the most basic Dish Network service. So, no Shark Week, no Eureka, no Mythbusters, no Middleman…not much of anything good. However, this will change rapidly once I get the jop at Round Table.

In gaming news, things are coming together quite smoothly for the Fall Fantasy series. I’ll be creating the groups PC’s (based upon input and die rolls made by the players) this weekend and the map of their home region is coming along nicely. The rather short spell list is nearly done, too.

One fun thing about deconstructing a typical fantasy world is that you get to redo monsters and fantasy creatures. For example, at this point in time, dragons are seldom more than 10 feet long and have no breath weapons. Their intelligence is on a par with a smart dog and they are more gliders than flyers. However, each new generation is a bit larger and a bit more dangerous. In a couple of centuries or so, dragons will look more like what we expect them to.

As for fantasy races, well, I’m having fun there, too. The Dwarves that live 400 miles north of Cantapor (the PC’s home base) are modeled after the Spanish colonists here in California, minus the heavy hand of the Catholic church. These Dwarves live above ground and are ranchers, farmers, traders, sailors, scholars and adventurers. They are quite sophisticated and well mannered. Oh, and they create some truly great wines.

And now, I’m off to run errands and take dogs to parks.

The Kitty Cats Go Out Dancing

…and drinking

About a week ago, I picked up a 1947 paperback edition of Robert Benchley’s book “My 10 Years In A Quandry”. It’s full of short 2-3 page essays, any one of which is funnier than much of what passes for humor writing nowadays. Not screamingly funny, mind you, but funny stuff nonetheless.

However, another pleasure of this book is that it has that wonderful “old paperback book” smell and feel. Damn, I do love me some old books.

By the way, if you don’t know who Robert Benchley was, Google him. Then go read some of his stuff.

The Rare And Beautiful Carnivorous Fig Tree Of Potawango Island

…tasty figs, but they bite

Stuff…on a cloudy day

1: Decided not to attend ConQuest Sac this year. I really can’t afford it. I’ll go next year…IF the con is still around then.

2: My gaming group was supposed to meet tomorrow for boardgaming, but I’m putting that off until next Sunday. After that, I’ll be gaming most sundays with either Group #1 or Group #2.

3: As mentioned above, it is a grey and drizzly day so far. If it drys out and turns sunny, I’ll be putting in my veggie garden. If not, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

4: For my bibliophilic friends in the Sacramento area, two weeks from today will see the start of the annual Sacramento ASPCA’s nine day long book sale. Not sure of the location yet, but it’s usually at Birdcage Walk on Sunrise. This is a humongous book sale, so save yer pennies:)

Time for me to get rolling on household chores. More bloggage later.

Pieboy Got A New Coat Of Paint

…and he looked very Continental

Hoody Hoo! I’m getting Friday off work, which gives me a 4 day weekend. For those of you who have never worked in the food service industry, this is pretty much a miracle. Actually, it’s more of a sign of the economic times, but what the fuck…I get a long weekend!

Of course, since My Sweet Little Pygmy Pony Of Love and I don’t have much disposable income (partly due to the irresistable temptations of last weekends ASPCA Fall Book Sale)…and Thursday is all about cooking & eating this years German themed (and Grace prepared) UnTurkey Day meal…and there are chores (including FINALLY washing these dirty doggies) & homework to be done…and gas is $3.29 a gallon at the cheap stations…well, I reckon we’ll mostly be house mice for the whole 4 days.

Still, there will be eating and drinking and smooching and playin’ with pooches and watching some of our humongous backlog of recorded video and a bit of gardening and sleeping in and more smooching, so it should still be fun.

In other news, that ASPCA book sale I mentioned above was heavy on mystery, cookbooks and contemporary fiction. There was some sci fi/fantasy, but we were told that there’d be more (plus pet/animal and gardening books) at the Spring Sale. Anyway, Grace plundered the sci fi section, I picked up a near complete set of the Solar Pons reprints & a mystery featuring a basset hound (Howling Bloody Murder) and we both loaded up a sack full of cookbooks. I swear, library/charity booksales will put us in the poorhouse.

And now, I must walk The Girls and then head off to work. More of this blog thing later.