A Big Man Goes Down Hard

…must have been the weight of all that lead

The Doclopedia #1,206

Strange Pet Ailments: Spider-bunny Virus

Because this strange disease allows pet rabbits to walk up walls and on ceilings, it inevitably got the nickname “Spider-bunny virus”. Even vets use it.

The disease usually strikes bunnies between the ages of 6 months and two years old, but can affect older rabbits. Signs that your pet is infected include fur color changing to red or black, increased appetite and very bright green poop.

Infected bunnies can spread the virus to other rabbits, but only in the early stages. Once a rabbit can actually hop up walls, they are no longer infectious. One side effect of the disease is that bunnies become much healthier.

The disease does not hurt the rabbit and the biggest problems are trying to get them off the ceiling and when they urinate or defecate while up there.