Kingfisher On The Power Line

…memories from my youth.

The Doclopedia #1,201

Critter Avengers Choice: Silky: The Hairy Pupper Series

Let me start this out by saying that the Hairy Pupper series was written by a dog on DogEarth 1, so it will not be easy reading for other species. For one thing, detailed descriptions of sounds, smells and body language are everywhere and most will leave humans scratching their heads. Another problem is the mix of Doggish (with a British Terrier accent) and British Human English. It gives even many of us Non-Brit dogs pause.

Anyway, the series is otherwise very much like our HP series, except Hairy Pupper has no problem using spells more powerful than “Expelliarmus” in a duel. In fact, in the final battle with Voldebark, he slices off the evil bastard’s tail with a Sectumsempra curse, then blasted the Elder Wand out of his hand. Of course, Voldebark got it back and tried to Avada Kedavra Harry, but killed himself instead. Then Hairy poops on the spot where the Dark Lord died.

There is also some sex in the Hairy Pupper series, because dogs are not all squishy about it like humans are. The scenes between Hairy & Ginny are pretty hot.

I am a big fan of this series and the Harry Potter series and give both of them a waggy tail up.

The Doclopedia #1,202

Critter Avengers Choice: Flash: Perky Pussy Cat Food (Canned)

I’m not normally a fan of canned cat food. I prefer mine fresh made, such as my Mom’s excellent Tuna Gravy Over Couscous or Dad’s Shredded Chicken And Beans. Sometimes, though, a cat just has to eat what’s on hand. In those cases, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Perky Pussy canned cat food. They use a couple of types of fish in it, it’s reasonably chunky and it’s extra stinky. Go for the Catfish & Mackerel or the Salmon & Perch.