A Big Old Magnet For Crazy White Girls

…and the random off her rocker latina

No, that doesn’t refer to me.

So, yesterday I bought ANOTHER friggin’ cell phone, to replace the El Cheapo one that died just before Dundracon. Since the chip from my old phone doesn’t work in my new one, I’ve had to plug in phone numbers manually.

Which leads me to this…If you gave me your cell/landline phone number in the past 6 or 8 months, or if you think I ought to have your phone number, EMAIL it to me. I shall, of course, email you mine in return.


And now, I’m off to finish the totally yummo salsa that I’m taking to the Call of Cthulhu game this afternoon.


All Hail The Queen Of Aslin Way!

…and the greatest dog mom in the galaxy

The girls and I love you, cutie.

A quick review of the Sci Fi Channel’s new Flash Gordon series
It sucks! It sucks like a $2.00 whore during Fleet Week. Black holes at the center of galaxies suck less than this steaming pile of updated re-imagined poorly acted cheapass shit. If you look up shit in dictionary, you see images from this series. They cancelled “The Dresden Files”, but spent money to make this unholy mess. Even for Sci Fi Channel, this is insane.

Doc buys cell phone, world to end soon
Yeah, I went to Best Buy and picked up a $19.99 pay as you go Cingular cell phone and an extra $25.00 card for more minutes. After GenCon, I am sure it will gather dust on a shelf.

And now, I’m out to the garden. More blog-O-rama later.

NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: Well, I was wrong as fuck about a cell phone gathering dust, wasn’t I?