Maiasaurus Mambo

…with eggs

Games submission opened up for Dundracon today, so I submitted my 20th annual TOON game. Last year, the gave me a seminar room to run the game in and it worked out great, so I requested another one this year. With twice the tablespace and room for an audience. I’ve listed the game as being for 10 players, but in point of fact I’ll allow at least 14. As always, if you go to Dundracon, drop by the game and play or watch or just say howdy.

Very relaxed and laid back Labor Day Sunday here at Casa Cross. Some might even say it was lazy, but they’re just workaholics or troublemakers. My Sweet Angel had the good fortune to pick up a mystery shopping assignment at a local eatery, so we had a breakfast for two at essentially less than half price (once you factor in the reimbursement she will get). Gotta love cheap eats.

After the hearty brekky, we came home and walked The Girls and did minor chores and mostly just goofed off. A most pleasant day. Tomorrow will be more of the same, plus we’ll watch Spider-Man 3.

And now, to bed for me.