The Horticultural Whore Ventures Forth

…into exhaustion

Uncle Doc’s Day (so far)

1: Got up at the crack of 9:30
2: Showered sleepy eyed love and praise upon spouse and dogs, in that order
3: Cleansed body. Mind & Soul still waiting.
4: Got doughnuts for brekky
5: Sat around like a lazy lout watching tv
6: Bid spouse goodbye as she left on errands/mystery shops
7: Ventured forth into the garden at 12:30
8: Watered, weedwhacked, raked, shoveled
9: Turned and added to compost piles 39-Gamma (code name: Cozy Rattlesnake) and 97-Omicron (code name: Frisky Rabbi) (in honor of my old friend, Rabbi Bob)
10: Started to transplant herbs from containers to Herb Bed X-15/b (code name: Strange Clown), but realized it was now 4:30 and I was plumb tuckered out.
11: Returned to house. Fed dogs who, apparently, have not eaten since 1985.
12: Drank 11 glasses of water (shotglasses)
13: Sat down at computer to ease my weary bones and entertain y’all.

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Large Hadrosaur Collider

…much messier than the other LHC

I got up this morning at 6:30 am. Obviously, I’ve lost my mind.

Today is “Start getting the veggie garden ready for fall veggie planting” Day. By the time I’m done, Compost Pile L-47 Delta (Codename: Mystic Hambone) will be at least doubled in size and I’ll have everything in place to start sowing seeds this weekend. I’m planning on planting spinach, lettuce, kale, radishes, garlic, onions, carrots, mustard greens, collard greens and peas. Yum yum!

Must go now. The Girls are demanding love and walkies. More bloggage later.

Persimmon Cookie On A Stick

…yum yum yummy yum yum

Another day filled with Exciting Garden Adventures. Today, it was all about finally getting the finished compost (about 175 pounds worth) out of Compost Pile X-34 Alpha. And by “compost”, I mean 90% worm castings in a form so fine and nutrient packed that you’d pay about $5.00 a pound for it at a garden store or nursery. Now figure in that it was full of the red worms that created it and you can up that to about $7.00 a pound.

And it’s all sitting next to my veggie garden, awaiting placement on various plants throughout the garden.

Of course, getting this wonderful stuff took me about 5 hours of shoveling, sifting out uncomposted larger chunks and wheeling garden cart loads around, but it was worth it. Hell, it was even worth the sunburn and aching muscles.

Now, over the next 3-4 days, after work, I’ll move the halfway composted contents of Compost Piles K-43 Omega and I-652 Beta into one bigass pile and let the redworms chew it up for a few months or so. The worms will enjoy that.

For those of you wondering, I generally do the “pile it up in the bin and let nature take it’s course” type of composting, rather than the speedier, but more labor intensive “hot” composting method. See, that’s cos I’m a lazy bugger.

Oh, look, another garden pic!

Plants on the hillside