Doc Tempest VS The Nova Mob

…from the July, 1969 issue

Well, I was actually able to run my arena battle game at ConQuest Sac on Saturday. There were only 4 players…and two of them were Sam and Paul from my regular gaming group…but it still went well.

Even better, on Saturday night I finally got a really good nights sleep, so I’m feeling pretty good.

Alas, unless I fall into a pit of money, I won’t be going to any more cons this year.

Gotta go now. More blogging later.

The Island Of The Mad Doctor Who Made People Into Animal Monsters That Eat You

…movie title from a six year old

Conquest Sac: Friday night

Got there at 9:00 PM…got badge…went to RPG room…1 RPG being played…2 boardgames being played…waited to see if anyone would show up for my game…nobody did, altho one fellow, who showed up for the other scheduled RPG (for which not even the GM showed up), said he’d play in mine if other plasyers showed…as in past years, nobody showed up…looked around the con…very small, but the wargames/minis games were all full up and going like gangbusters…came home at 10:30 PM.

I’ll be going back today, with hopes of running an RPG/Minis arena battle game. I expect it will be a bust, too. ConquestSac is not an RPG oriented con.

Big Worms In Compost Pile D24-Gamma

…code name: Fuzzy Porcupine

Ok, so I’ve submitted two games for ConquestSac in March. Here they are.

Over The Pulp Edge
It’s 1933 and the Insane Mastermind, Dr. Miguelito Loveless, has released an army of beast men on the city of San Francisco. As part of Team Tempest, it’s up to you to figure out his evil plan, destroy his savage minions, storm his secret headquarters and bring him to justice. Fast paced action and adventure using the rules light Over The Edge system.

Kill or Die, Your Choice
Part Roleplaying, part minis battle! You have been sentenced to a run through the Emperor’s Arena of Death. The idea is simple: Be the sole survivor and win both your freedom and a hefty purse of gold. However, you might have other plans once you get inside. This game is rules light, fast paced and full of roleplaying. The arena will be 3D.