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The Doclopedia #1,161

A Hand Full Of…: Gold

“Holy shit, Jimmy, that’s gold! A real gold bar! It must have been left behind when the old mine closed down in 1884. Holy shit!

Let me hold it. Man, it’s heavy, isn’t it? How much do you think it’s worth? NO WAY! $900 an OUNCE! Shit, this has to weigh 2 or 3 pounds! We’re rich, dude! WOOHOO!

Man, I’m gonna but that new X Box and a shitload of games. And a big screen TV! And…what? No, I don’t know why the mine closed. What the hell does…Indian curse? 20 dead miners? Oh, fuck you, Jimmy! You don’t believe that shit, do you? Fuckin’ dead Indian zombies! What crazy bullshit!

Anyway, we can buy cars! Cool cars! And you know what that means…GIRLS! Man, I’d like to get in the back seat with…wait, did you hear that?”

The Doclopedia #1,162

A Hand Full Of…: Science!

Ok, so, right…my name is doctor Neil Case and I’m making this video to record the effects of my nanobots on curing cancer. I know you all are watching this, Janos, and I apologize to you and the team for not waiting for the approval of human trials, but the cancer is spreading. If I wait, I won’t be around to see the start of trials.

So, I’m injecting the nanobots now. No discomfort other than getting stuck with the needle. I’ve programmed the bots to remove the cancer while rebuilding the good cells and optimizing them for good health. They’re going to need building materials, so I’ve eaten a huge meal and taken several vitamin & mineral supplements. To tell you the truth, I could use a nap. I’ll leave the cameras on. Talk to you later.

Whew! That was a good nap. Lasted…holy crap! 15 hours? What the hell?

I feel good, better than I have in weeks. I…WOAH! WOAH! Look at me! Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I’m younger! And I have a full head of hair! Oh shit! And I can see things clearly without my glasses!

Oh wow…the optimization! They’re taking it to all of me. Gotta run tests! Shit, now I’m wishing I’d told you guys. I can only do a few tests myself. Ok, gotta call Janos and Maria and Bob and…woah! I think my dick is bigger.”