A Square Pig In A Round Hole

…aided by bacon grease, no doubt

Hey, yo! If you have not yet taken The Latest Brewerton Village Poll, then click that link and do it, homie. You need not be one of the villagers to join the fun.

It has been pretty warm here lately…in the mid-80’s. This is good news for those of us of either a sun loving or garden addicted nature. Me, I’m both, so I’m loving it.

Daisy, who has been suffering from an upset tummy these past few days, is now feeling much better and is her sweet and active self again.

I don’t know about you, but the meltdown of the Republican party in general and the McCain/Palin ticket in particular has filled me with a warm fuzzy glow. I do so love it when those miserable conservative motherfuckers try to claw their way out of a shitstorm by turning on one another. I can hardly wait for the election day purge to really get them eating their own:)

For reasons unknown, when I got up this morning at 5:00 a.m. to give The Girls their first breakfast and take them out for a pee break, I decided to go online for 90 minutes. Obviously, my descent into madness still has a way to go. Anyway, I was back in bed by 6:30 and My Sweet Little Golden Shouldered Parakeet Of Cuteness let me sleep until she left for the computer lab at American River College, around 9:00.

And now, I’m off to walk dogs and garden and other stuff. Take that poll, laddies and lassies, or you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, but soon, and for the rest of your lives.

Doc Tempest And The Green Fire Death

…from the July 1962 issue

DogCon 1, Last Day

The Dealer’s Room, she is closed…the seminars, they are done…the Art Show? History…Gaming gots 2 more hours, then it’s all she wrote…DogCon 1 is over.

The seminar I was part of, “I Hate …..!”, was packed. As the title indicates, it was a bitchfest for the 8 of us on the panel, then halfway thru, we let the audience bitch. Yeah, us gamers love to gripe.

Grace hit the Dealer’s Room hard while I was seminaring. She bought enough board and card games to increase our collection by an order of magnitude. We’ll ship them home, lest I have to ride atop the car all the way back to California.

When the con was over, I called my bestest pal, Avis, at GenCon so we could share a “The con is over” moment:)

Right now, the con honchos are getting things ready for a “Post Con Cool Down”, in which everyone is invited into a huge portion of the convention center for soft drinks and…wait for it…pie! No gaming, just pie eating and chatting for a couple of hours. How cool is that?

So, this ends my con report. Grace, The Girls and I will depart from this hotel at midnight for the long drive home. Sharon, the World’s Greatest Dogsitter, will fly out tomorrow morning.

In summary, the con was incredible. If I don’t go to GenCon, I’ll be back here for CatCon 2 next year.

Oh, and the Super Secret Origin of DogCon? I can’t tell you about it. Wouldn’t be a Super Secret if I did that, right?

(Winker: Hahaha, Dad. Very funny. NOT!)

(Daisy: We love you, Daddy, but jeez, that stunk.)


Dorsey The Fence Makes A Bad Business Decision

…and ends up on the run

Hi there! My allergies have lessened up on their assault, but I’m still Mr. Sneezy. So, instead of writing an entry for this morning, I’ve let Daisy and Winker do it.

Daisy: Woof! Wiff, wuff, bark, bark. Bark, ruff, ruff, woof? Whine, bow wow, wuff, wuff! Woof, woof, bow wow, wuff. Bark, bark!

Winker: Wiff, wiff, woof! Woof, woof, whine, bark. Wuff! Bow wow, bow wow, ruff. Woof, woof? Rrrrrowf!

More bloggage later today.

The Rare And Beautiful Squishy Rhinoceros Of Potawango Island

…and they’re neon colored


1: My health level is almost back to normal. Yay!

2: Grace’s health, however, is not so great, mostly due to having caight my cold. In fact, even as I write this, she is at Urgent Care getting looked over by a doctor who can hopefully prescribe her some meds.

3: Dog healthwise, Daisy is fit as a fiddle, but our poor little Winkerdog had to go to the vet today because the yeast infection in her ears didn’t respond well to the meds he prescribed last time. After getting a thorough ear cleaning, her ears were pack full of some semi-experimental new goop that will slowly be absorbed and should kick those yeasts right in the ass.

4: Played in our regular CoC game yesterday and it was a big ol’ bunch of fun. We rode a ghost train bound for Hell, played poker with John Wesley Hardin and, in the end, outsmarted the Devil himself. Oh yeah, the food we ate during the game (pulled pork and chicken, beans, cornbread, coleslaw) was totally delish.

5: I just watched an episode of No Reservations where Tony Bourdain went back to Les Halles to work as a line cook. Watching it brought back memories of my own years as a line cook at various restaurants. As Bourdain says at the end of the show, “working the line is a young person’s job”. Amen to that. If I tried to do it now, I’d have a heart attack and die halfway through the dinner rush. Still, in my day, I was a grill working motherfucker. And don’t even get me started on what it takes to cook a million and a half eggs at breakfasts over the course of 15 months.

6: Saturday night, the Sci-Fi Channel, in a continuation of their valliant attempt to make a lameass movie based upon EVERY FUCKING MONSTER OF MYTH AND LEGEND, premiered “Ogre. It pretty much blew, but not as bad as epics like “Basilisk“, “Gryphon” and “Minotaur“. In a couple of weeks, they’ll be showing “Rock Monster“. I wonder why they didn’t just call it “Stone Golem“?

7: My current (as in, the lasy 15 1/2 years) place of employement is going through a rough patch, as are many restaurants, thanks to the economy going into the dumper. (thank you, Buish administration and the fucking Republican party) There have been slow business periods before, but when you factor in our current franchise owner, this patch looks very bad indeed. Taking into account the price of gas, I think it is time for Uncle Doc to seek employment elsewhere. I shall keep y’all updated on how this goes.

The Monkey Who Won The Lottery

…he bought like, $2,000,000.00 worth of bananas

Jeez, my writing impulses really got a beatdown by my S.A.D. these past couple of days. Getting a hefty beer buzz on Friday night didn’t help, either. Ah well, the sun came out today and I’m feeling pretty good.

Daisy and the Game that was Afoot

We took The Girls for a walk in a local park and, as I was walking along with Daisy, a big old jackrabbit jumped up and took off across the park…and so did Daisy! It’s a good thing I had a tight hold on her leash, because she was trying like hell to fullfill the duties of her ancient Basset Hound ancestry. She wanted that jackrabbit bad and I’m sure that if she’s gotten loose from me, she’d have followed that wily lagomorph into the jaws of hell.

As it was, I ran with her until I was about two steps away from a coronary event. At that point, I pulled her up short and, as she strained on the leash, tried to remember how to breath. Once I was pretty sure I wasn’t gonna die, I told her she was a good girl and she had sure shown that ol’ rabbit who was boss. That seemed to please her.

Then, Grace and Winker (who showed no sign that she had either seen or smelled the rabbit), caught up with us and we all walked to the car and drove home. Once we got back, we all rested. No doubt, Daisy dreamed of chasing that rabbit, unfettered by a fat old dad holding her leash.

More Gardening Adventures

I spent a couple of hours in the garden today, weeding and pruning. If the weather holds and we don’t get any heavy rain by next Saturday, I’ll be doing one of my all day gardening marathons. I’ve got to lay down black plastic to solarize out some of the weeds, divide up some perrenials (mostly, daylillies and cannas), dig up and transplant all the plants in the area that will become a dog yard (an area about 12X14 feet, right in front of our front window), do more pruning and haul about a ton of plant cuttings into the back yard so I can start Compost Pile Charlie Delta 7. By the end of the day, my ass will be kicked.

Time for walking my Canine American daughters. More bloggage later.

The Very Creepy, Yet Surprisingly Romantic, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Halloween House

…costarring her worst enemy, Almost Yellow Yolanda

Doc Update

1: The game room is coming along nicely. Pix to come on Sunday or Monday.

2: The Giant Hawaiian Gourd seeds I planted have resulted in two smallish gourd vines and one humongous vine. How humongous, you ask? Try 73 feet from the tip of one vine to the tip of another. It looks like the Vine That Ate Sacramento. And yes, it has lots of little gourdlets forming along the vines.

3: Grace is fully involved in her two online classes for this semester. Both are some techie stuff that I don’t recall the names of. In October, she will also be attending an 8 week on site class. Me, I self educate. Last night, I read half of a book on milk goats.

4: The Lord Dog willing and the creek don’t rise, I may have reviews of Esoterrorists and Fear Itself posted here by tonight.

5: This weekend (for me) will be all about House Cleaning, writing robot games and gardening. Oh, I might go see Shoot ‘Em Up on Saturday.

6: The saving of money towards Daisy’s cyst removal operation is going well. I’m about 1/3 of the way towards the total. With any luck, she’ll go under the knife by the end of the month.

And now, I’m off to work.

Naked Coed Hot Tub Roleplaying Sessions With The California Kid

…with wine, Guinness and gourmet munchies

Man, those were the days:)

Saturday Madness

Due to getting out of bed later than we expected, My Sweet Little Apricot Pie of Love and I decided to do the “large trash pickup day” garage cleaning tomorrow. This still leaves plenty of action and excitement for today tho. Within minutes, I’ll start watering the garden, walking dogs, cleaning house and other homey stuff. Meanwhile, Grace is at school using (or possibly fighting with) the computers at the computer lab. Around noon, it’s off to get my paycheck, do some banking, then make the mad dash up to Marysville to have lunch with my mom, brother and sister in law. THEN, we set a new land speed record getting back home to take Daisy to the vet so he can look at a cyst on her eyelid. WHEW!

And then, tonight, I must start some writing AND some book reading for reviews. Oh, and do another LJ entry about the 21st Century Dociverse Update.

I’m gonna need another vacation soon.

Gaming Stuff

Got Campaign Cartographer 3 (with Symbol Set 1) loaded on the laptop and it is WAY cool. Unfortunately, I cannot get Dungeon Designer 3 to load. The disk drive just spins and nothing happens. I’ll go online tonight and see if ProFantasy tech support can help me out.

While I’m running hither and yon today, my trusty laptop will be down loading the iTabletop beta version of it’s online gaming software. Hopefully, some of my LJ pals will do likewise and we can give it a try with an online gaming session, altho I haven’t got a webcam to use.

My primary gaming group will be getting back together in mid/late September and while I was going to run a fantasy version of Heroes, I’m rethinking that. I’m now leaning towards a pulp series, possibly with an episodic monster hunters lean. That sort of game really does fit my group better than epic campaigning. As far as a rules set goes, I’m thinking FUDGE, since it’s easy and it’s been awhile since we used it.

And now, I must go. Let the mad running about begin!

Frozen Dog Poop Bombs

…right there in my yard

It’s 31 fuckin’ degrees outside just now! To you folks from the less civilized world (or the high Sierras here in California), that might seem like a balmy day, but to us here in the Big Tomato, it’s too damned cold. I’m hoping my spinach survives the freeze. Daisy was none to thrilled about being taken out into the freezing cold to pee, so she accomplished her mission in record time before streaking back into her warm bed. Meanwhile, before I leave for my dentist appointment, I need to pick up and dispose of the titular doggie land mines.

And before y’all start calling me a cold weather wimp (which I am), I’ll just tell ya that we will no doubt see a few even colder days hereabouts before the sane weather returns.

Herbert The Pig Goes To Town

…for shopping, a movie and some slop

Walking Miss Daisy

Daisy has settled in quite nicely, despite causing a bit of chaos in the living room while we were at work yesterday. She’s affectionate, pretty mellow and not to be trusted around ham sandwiches:)

We are certainly noticing how different Daisy is from Roscoe. Daisy is…

5 years old…Female…Spayed…Quiet…Doesn’t snore…Energetic when walking…Not stinky…Friendly with other dogs…Curious, but not overly so…Pretty obedient

Roscoe was…

10 years old when we got him…Male…Fully Operational until age 12, when he had to be neutered…Vocal…Snored like a house full of loggers…Reasonably energetic when walking, but more sniffy and he stopped to pee every 5 feet…Pretty stinky, in that old male dog way (plus he farted alot)…Pretty wary of other dogs until he decided if he liked them…Curious as hell even when it was gonna get him in trouble…Obedient when it suited him.

Both dogs love/loved riding in the car, altho we have yet to determine if Daisy likes reggae as much as Roscoe did.

Anyway, Daisy is a good girl and in a bit, we’ll be taking her to PetCo to buy a few toys and treats and a harness.

Treadmill Update: Last night was my first real session on the treadmill (which was installed on Thursday). I walked for 20 minutes at between 2 and 3 miles an hour. For about half of the session, I had the elevation set for a fairly steep hill climb. It felt good to be walking again.

And now, off to doggie shopping heaven.

The Day Daisy Came To Stay

Daisy222…was today, as a matter of fact


Today, Grace and I adopted a 5 year old female Basset Hound. Her name is Daisy. She is very healthy, very friendly and pretty darned glad to be outta the shelter and in a house. We gave her a flea bath at LaunderDog and she was a hell of alot easier to wash than Roscoe ever was.

I’ll be taking pictures of Daisy this weekend and will try to put them up for y’all to see.

And yes, we will be getting a second dog in the near future.

365 Days, 365 Characters

About this character: Sometimes, even great explorers choose the wrong place to explore.

#100: Monek Vuu

Stats (based on a d10)

Physical: 4
Mental: 7
Spiritual: 5

Monek Vuu came to Earth to study a species that was amazingly similar, physically, to his own. With only a minimal amount of genetic reconfiguration, he made himself look exactly like them. Then, alone, he came to Earth and infiltrated a group of them. The fools back at the University of Jittaki would soon regret labelling him a “washed up has been”.

Things went well for Monek over the first 3 months. He would sneak back to his ship every week or so to write down his observations and have a bottle of suzzok. Then, in the beginning of the fourth month, things took a bad turn. Humans came and captured Monek and his entire adopted family. He considered trying to reason with the humans, then thought better of it. After all, humans were notoriously unreasonable.

After many days, they were put upon a transport vessel that brought them to their present home. Monek tried several times to escape, but the humans had them locked up tight. After a time, Monek decided to wait, study the human language and eventually try to make contact. So far, things are progressing slowly, but Monek is optimistic.

Besides, posing as a chimpanzee wasn’t such a bad gig.