Chapter 411: In Which Our Hero, Assisted By A Hermit And A Small Pig, Infiltrates A French Castle

… he stole a pie, the baron’s daughter and the Secret Plans


The Doclopedia #1,137

Road Signs: Scenic Drive

In the reality often referred to as “the Squishy Universe”, space can and does fold in on itself on the local level. This can make a drive of 500 miles take less than 10 minutes or make a trip to the corner store a 3 day event.

In some instances, folds along a stretch of road will take you into and out of different locations on the planet. One of the most famous is a 10 kilometer bit of road in Yorkshire, UK, that takes travelers through 16 different areas on 4 continents. Among the sights seen are the Arizona desert, rural northern Quebec, Singapore and the northern Andes. Guide books are available at the visitors center just after you see the sign.

The Doclopedia #1,138


Road Signs: Watch For Deer


Bet your ass you’ve gotta watch for deer, buddy! Since the animals all became sentient, those damned deer have been getting revenge on all of their ancestors that were hit by cars.

You get up there outside of Boise heading north and the deer like to roll rocks down the hill onto the highway. The rocks aren’t really big, so hardly anybody gets killed, but they fuck up hundreds of cars every year.

Then there’s that spot down in east Texas where the deer have learned how to toss broken glass and stuff on the road. I was hauling a load of hogs through there and got two flats. While I was waiting for the repair truck, the fucking deer turned loose the hogs!

So yeah, you see a Watch For Deer sign, you be on the lookout for trouble.”