Pudding On The Ritz

…yes, you are right to groan

So, in the D&D 4th Edition game, I’ll be playing a Human Fighter. Why? Well, for one thing, I enjoy playing fighters (and thieves). For another, since I do not own, or am ever likely to own, any D&D 4E material, I have no fucking idea what a Dragonborn or an Eladrin or any of those other things are. Human Fighter…that I know. Nice and simple. See enemy…hit with weapon…check to see if it lives…if living, hit again…if dead, take all of it’s stuff. Repeat as necessary.

Now, this does not mean I don’t want to roleplay…quite the opposite…but I have never been into the aspects of combat that 4E seems to offer. I prefer combats to go as quickly as possible so I can get on to the more fun stuff.

Fortunately, our GM, Pat, is very good at presenting lots of non-combat situations and has already given is background info that looks very meaty for roleplaying.


Sal Schwemp, Septic Tank Cleaner To The Stars

…another semi-famous Schwemp family member

Old Skool/New Hotness

In a rare alignment of the planets and at the whim of Coyote, I find myself running an OSRIC/AD&D 1st edition game on the same Sundays that I’ll be playing in a D&D 4th edition game.

Funny ol’ world, innit?